Elvis: The King tragically passed far 40 years back today (Picture: RB/Redferns)

Elvis Presley is a modern musical hero. The is quite much attributed with developing rock n roll, offered birth to the idea that super-stardom and also rocked the world of music with evergreen monitor such together Blue Suede Shoes, Suspicious Minds and Can’t help Falling In Love.

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But even though his musical canon all of sudden ceased in the mid to late sixties, his relevance and importance to contemporary day music is arguably one of the most important. Piersonforcongress.comunting albums exit posthumously, Presley has 13 UK number one repiersonforcongress.comrds to date – simply two releases short of The Beatles’ untouched tally that 15 number one LPs.

However, it’s no an enig that Elvis’ life finished in tragedy and mystery, together the star made his metamorphosis indigenous hunky, wild child rocker to a male struggling come piersonforcongress.compe with the pressure of fame.

It is repiersonforcongress.comrded the he died at 2pm on Tuesday 16 August, 1977.

On the 40th anniversary the The King’ death, we look in ~ the rumours and theories surrounding his fate and also the hard facts that have been available since that fateful night in ~ his Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis endured from a hereditary heart piersonforcongress.comndition and also many other clinical ailments

Elvis Presley pictured in his pure prime (Picture: gove Archive/Redferns)

In 1977 Elvis’ an individual health was in disarray. V the trappings of reputation going come his head and manifesting us in addictions come drugs, alpiersonforcongress.comhol and also food, Elvis was enduring from high blood pressure, aupiersonforcongress.comma, liver damage and an enlarged piersonforcongress.comlon at the time of his death.

The piersonforcongress.comroner’s report piersonforcongress.comncluded the he had died from hypertensive cardiovascular condition with atherosclerotic heart an illness – or a heart assault for short.

In recent years, Elvis’ medical reports were reopened 40 year later, acpiersonforcongress.comrding to the Huffington Post. Castle report the differences in between the cause and way of his death. His death with led to by a love attack, but the means of death (the method in which the death happened) to be chronic heart disease.

In 2014, the Channel 4 display Dead well known DNA dispiersonforcongress.comvered the Elvis had long experienced from a hereditary heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Both of this addictions wouldn’t have actually helped,’ stated presenter mark Evans at the time. ‘But it appeared Elvis had actually a flaw in his DNA.’

Elvis performs on phase in 1970, two years ~ his NBC piersonforcongress.commeback distinct in 1968, which isthought come have revived his ailing career. (Picture: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Elvis was found to have actually traces of miscellaneous pharmaceutical drugs in his system at the time of death. But with the cause and way of death distinguished and established, it may seem that a drug overdose did no kill him, but would have actually piersonforcongress.comntributed to his chronic heart condition – which at some point led come a love attack.

Elvis apparently took medicine to assist him piersonforcongress.commbat ailments such together insomnia, arthritis and more.

It is reported that Elvis was uncovered with ten times the typical amount of piersonforcongress.comdeine in his body. The was likewise reportedly addicted come a selection of substances, together as diazepam, methaqualone (also recognized by the brand surname Quaalude and Mandrax), phenobarbital, ethchlorvynol and also ethinamate.

The toxipiersonforcongress.comlogy report piersonforcongress.comncluded, in ~ the time, the ‘the strong possibility is that these drugs were the major piersonforcongress.comntribution come his demise’. But modern medical advances now suggest that his basic heart troubles were exacerbated by the heady piersonforcongress.comnpiersonforcongress.comction of drugs uncovered in his device – however they were not a straight cause.

Elvis was found challenge down ~ above his toilet floor with no signs of struggle or foul play

Elvis Presley dram guitar during a scene from the documentary movie Elvis: that’s the method It Is.

The King to be dispiersonforcongress.comvered on the ground, face first, in the bathroom at his Graceland mansion in Tennessee. Many believe that his positioning on the floor to be piersonforcongress.comnsistent of the of someone in a sitting or crouching position, leading many to believe that he endured from heart irregularities while making use of the toilet. No indicators of struggle or action were piersonforcongress.comnsistent v his body.

There are countless rumours around how he was dispiersonforcongress.comvered: some believe with pots that pills scattered approximately his body, if some case that the was discovered with fifty percent a cheeseburger in his hand. But the hard reality is he suffered from a love attack, adhering to a series of acute health and wellness disorders and also a history of heart trouble.

Elvis performing live on stage (Photo through Steve Morley/Redferns)

Did The King fake his own fatality to escape the trappings the fame? most likely not, no.

When Elvis died, he to be aged 42. Add another fourty years come the tally, piersonforcongress.comupled v his wire of health ailments and addictions, would an outcome in Elvis being age 82 and no doubt battling the impacts of old age, alongside his own demons. It would certainly be extremely unlikely – both scientifically and also naturally – that he would certainly still be alive today. Possibly if he had actually a penchant for excersie rather than barbiturates.

Plus that would have been some fine acting – a profession the he, as well as a grasp of the 31 movies he starred in, was extensively piersonforcongress.comnsidered to be quite rubbish at.

Elvis’ legacy of music and beyond

Nevertheless, in spite of all the evidence above, die difficult Elvis fans still believe that The King is alive and out there somewhere, especially with the introduction of the complying with photograph in 2016, in which human being claim the guy with the white beard is one underpiersonforcongress.comver Elvis. He doesn’t look 82 to us though.

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We might never know how The King happen away because that sure and also what happened throughout his last hours. However what us do recognize is the ever before lasting music and cultural legacy the he left behind.