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Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Pandemic Publisher: THQ ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: June 20, 2005

Listed listed below is a method to have a really funny time v glitches that I"ve discovered.- at Rockwell, there is a big movie screen. You can do 2 things: destroy it through throwing things at it, or make people stick come it. Just throw a human being at it, and they will eventually stick.- To conveniently kill robots: just make them loss over. They"ll try to obtain up, however they hurt us in the process.- Throw any type of person versus the leaning part of a barbed wire fence and also they will certainly launch.- friend can collection things on fire v the burn barrels that "The finish is Near" sign-carriers use. Also, "The end is Near" sign-carriers mind is 75 DNA.- one of my favourite is also an extremely hard to do. I"m pretty sure this deserve to be excellent on any type of level v vehicles. The score is to make a human being stay constantly electricuted without shooting them. First, this takes fantastic timing. Girlfriend will require a relocating car, robot, and a healthy victim. Friend should also have the ammo-a-plenty cheat activated. Firstly, zap the robot v a human being near. The lightening bolt will take trip to a adjacent person. Then, plan this right: a vehicle flies past and kills the person, while you keep your shooting on the robot. As soon as it is finished, girlfriend will be able to walk approximately the vehicle victim, and he will be dead. He will additionally appear to it is in flashing with electricity, there is no you touching him. You have the right to move that around, and also to do him stop, shooting him v the Zap-o-matic again. This may take a couple of tries, but it is all worth the sight.

First you must be in a website (or mission best when you are going to dice or Majestics are on your tail). After that you need to go come a sea-like area. Then usage your rockets and also when the goes out keep tapping X. . As soon as you fall on the wate. You will bounce off of the water and also continue gliding by tapping X. Isn"t the bouncing turn off water part cool. Great Luck!

When your on any kind of tall hill press the run jet and run at the same time and you will be running rapid up the hill.

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Want to beat duck and cover? climate take this:first, hypnotize the driver to go into the truck. Yet DON"T open the gate. Just go ahead and also disintegrate the cows, disintegrate the rocks, (you can need cartridge proof crypto and ammo a plenty)and walk over the mines climate unlock the gate close to the end.