If your string trimmer has actually seen much better days, nothing fret. Provide it a fresh, new edge through the finest weed eater head.

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A high-quality replacement head for a curved-shaft weed eater isn’t easy to find. MaxPower’s PivoTrim global Replacement could be the answer. It comes v adapters to fit many weed eaters, curved or straight. It also features 3 swiveling string mounts for attaching 0.080-inch or 0.095-inch string.

MaxPower’s head doubles the string end to develop six cut surfaces instead of the conventional two or three. Replacing the cable is easy: push the old string v the swivel, and thread a new length through. And, due to the fact that it’s for this reason lightweight and straightforward, it works with electric weed eaters that have actually screw-type shafts.

Best Bladed

Weed Warrior’s Brush Cutter replacement head includes three metal chisels that swing the end from the head. The blades’ serrated edges dig into thick stalks and other obstructions with ease. The knives are both durable and also easy to replace. Simply unscrew the 3 screws stop the 2 halves together, eliminate the old blades, change them with new blades, and also reassemble the halves.

The kit has the hardware to affix the head to most gas-powered trimmers and also electric models through screw-type shafts.

Best solved Head

some say much less is more, and also with Weed Warrior’s EZ Lock Head, that could be true. This simple, rugged weed eater head replacement features a straightforward, doubled-over string design, totally free from relocating parts or complicated replacement procedures. Merely feed the string into the unit, dual it over, and also send it ago out come lock it in place. That accepts heat sizes between 0.08 inch and also 0.095 inch.

The Weed Warrior is a universal-fit replacement because that electric, cordless, and gas-powered trimmers with straight and also curved shafts. This consists of models from Echo, Stihl, Husqvarna, Redmax, Ryobi, and also many more. The comes through the proper adapters for each.

Best Hybrid

because that yards that alternate between brush and grass, a hybrid option like Pivotrim’s Rino Tuff global Hybrid String and also Bladed head can be the tool for the job. This replacement head combines the ideal of both worlds, together it trims through both 0.095-inch string and also three plastic blades. To absorb affect without breaking, the cable swivels and also the knives feature a pivoting design.

This hybrid kit comes through all the adapters essential to fit many gas trimmers, consisting of Ariens, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Echo, Homelite, Husqvarna, Ryobi, Snapper, Stihl, and also many more. While it could affix to a cordless or electrical weed eater, it may be too heavy to work properly.

Best Heavy-Duty

not all weed eater heads can stand as much as heavy-duty brush and growth. Grass Gator’s Brush Cutter is particularly designed for these scenarios. Its three steel chisels swing out from the cutter head and also slice through heavy grass and also growth with ease. The three heavy-duty steel chisels are straightforward to replace as soon as they come to be worn out or dull.

According to the manufacturer, Grass Gator’s brush cutter works through 99 percent of straight-shaft gas trimmers, and hardware because that attachment is included. When this unit fits most weed eaters, that works best on gas-powered trimmers through 25cc engines or larger.

FAQs about Weed Eater Heads

Now that you recognize a bit more about the ideal weed eater heads, you might have some unresolved questions. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about weed eater heads.

Q. What is a fixed-line trimmer head?

Fixed-line trimmer top don’t instantly extend new trimmer line and also don’t feature bump-releases. These units need the user to change the string manually.

Q. What is a global trimmer head?

A universal trimmer head is any trimmer head the fits a range of models. Typically, castle come with number of adapters in order to fit as countless models as possible.

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Q. How do I change my weed eater head?

Replacing her weed eater head is easy:

Find the obelisk lock hole in the peak of the weed eater head and also slide a small screwdriver within to lock the shaft.Twist the old head in a clockwise direction till it comes turn off the weed eater.Place the new head ~ above the tower to determine if an adapter is necessary. If not, continue to step 5.Find the ideal adapter.Tighten the head top top the weed eater by spinning that counterclockwise.