Dreaming of a White Christmas however live where there isn’t any kind of snow? stop dreaming and come live your dream. Come to Vermont!

The movie White Christmas is undoubtedly a classic and also a should see Christmas movie in our family and also perhaps her too. The holidays room not complete without a visit, via DVD, to the Columbia Inn in pine tree Tree, Vermont.

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Starring ice cream Crosby and also Danny Kaye as effective broadway producers, and Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen together a sister, to sing act, a twisted of fate brings the foursome to The Columbia Inn in pine Tree, in so late December. Dreaming that a white Christmas and that “Vermont should be beautiful this time of year, all the snow” the four arrive and also find, to their an excellent disappointment, that there is no eye at all. The sister find, with few registered guests, your singing contract is to it is in cancelled. Meanwhile, the two males discover that the innkeeper is their former commanding general.

Despite the lack of guests and also the an obstacle of the weather, the four decide to stay and the story establishes as a light-hearted romance an ideal for family viewing. With songs sung by Crosby and Clooney and also beautiful dancing by Vera-Ellen and also Kaye, the movie is a good way to invest a winter evening.


While there is no Columbia Inn, over there is West Hill home B&B in Warren, Vermont, a place to enjoy a white Christmas and winter in every its glory.

We deserve to predict with some level of certainty that we will have a white Christmas and also we many certainly have a copy the the movie because that you come watch!

Skiing in ~ Mad flow Glen  and Sugarbush will be in full swing through people from around the people enjoying the possibility to ski some of brand-new England’s finest slopes. Top top the Sugarbush golf course just behind our Handsome Red Barn, is a perfect hill because that sledding on among the Mad flow Rocket Sleds produced here in Warren. If your pace is slower, there are mile of cross-country skiing in ~ Olé’s and Blueberry Lake only 10 minute from West Hill house B&B. If skiing isn’t for you, our snowshoes are perfect for exploring around our residential property or aside from that afield.

If you’re no an outdoors form or her skiing days space past, there are plenty of artisan shops, tiny stores and coffee shops to visit however that will need to wait for an additional blog.

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If a white Christmas to you way looking at snow with a window, how around curling increase in a huge chair by the fireplace and also losing you yourself in a great book, or playing a board game with your unique someone.

If you room dreaming of a white Christmas watch no additional than vermouth in winter. Winter in its herbal state!