If you unhappy v your in-game name, you’ll want to understand how to change your surname on Clash of Clans. Thankfully, that’s specifically what we’re right here to tell you. In this guide, we’ll let you in ~ above the Clash that Clans name an altering technique the works. Read on to uncover how to readjust your Clash the Clans username in the game.

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How to readjust your surname on Clash the Clans


To readjust your name in Clash that Clans, you have to reach the town Hall level 5. Once you’ve unlocked the level 5 city Hall, you can adjust your in-game surname once, because that free. If you want to adjust your surname again, that will expense you part Gems. Every time you change your surname in Clash the Clans, it will cost much more Gems. Make certain you choose a name you like, else it will certainly (literally) price you. Below, you’ll check out a perform of measures to follow to change your surname in Clash of Clans.

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Follow these procedures to uncover how to change your surname on Clash that Clans:

Unlock town Hall level 5Open the in-game setups windowSelect ‘More Settings’Choose ‘Change Name’ native the perform of optionsFollow the on-screen instructions

Following the over steps will allow you to adjust your name in Clash the Clans. Remember, friend can adjust it as soon as for free. Every time after that will price you Gems, which increases every time you adjust your name. Scabby, we know, however them’s the breaks.

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There room some rule to monitor for transforming your Clash the Clans name:

Don’t use one-of-a-kind charactersSymbols, emojis, etc…Supercell can readjust any inappropriate names at any time, no compensation given

So nothing make her name inappropriate (no swearwords or the like) and also you need to be okay. Supercell won’t change your surname upon request, either, so make sure you’re happy with your one free name change before you conserve it.