Choose the statement listed below that is TRUEA. A equipment will kind between two substances if the solute-solvent interactions space of comparable strength to the solute-solute and solvent-solvent interactionsB. A systems will kind between two substances if the solute-solvent interactions are little enough to be overcome by the solute-solute and solvent-solvent interactions.C. A solution will form between two substances if the solute-solute interaction are solid enough to overcome the solvent-solvent interactions.D. A solution will kind between 2 substances only if the solvent-solvent interactions are sufficient to overcome the solute-solvent interactions.E. Nobody of the above are true.

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A. A solution will form between 2 substances if the solute-solvent interactions are of similar strength come the solute-solute and also solvent-solvent interactions.
Determine DH(solute) for KBr if the DH(solution) (KBr) = +19.9 kJ/mol and also the DH(hydration) (KBr) = -670.0 kJ/mol.A. +650 kJ/molB. -650 kJ/molC. +690 kJ/molD. -710 kJ/molE. -690 kJ/mol
Calculate the molality that a equipment that is all set by mix 25.5 mL the CH3OH (d = 0.792 g/mL) and also 387 mL that CH3CH2CH2OH (d = 0.811).A. 0.630 mB. 0.812 mC. 1.57 mD. 2.01 mE. 4.98 m
Determine the vapor pressure of a equipment at 55 C that contains 34.2 g NaCl in 375 g of water. The vapor press of pure water in ~ 55 C is 118.1 torr. The van"t Hoff aspect for NaCl is 1.9A. 11.5 torrB. 87.1 torrC. 108 torrD. 112 torrE. 92.8 torr
Identify all of the colligative nature in the complying with list: 1) vapor press lowering2) freezing allude depression3) boiling suggest elevation4) osmotic pressureA. 1 onlyB. 1 and also 4 just C. 2 and 3 onlyD. 1, 2, and also 3 onlyE. 1, 2, 3, and also 4
Determine the osmotic push of a systems that includes 0.034 g that a hydrocarbon solute (molar mass = 340 g/mol) dissolved in benzene to make a 350-mL solution. The temperature is 20.0 C.A. 0.36 torrB. 1.8 torrC. 2.3 torrD. 5.2 torr E. 4.9 torr
Determine the adjust in boiling suggest for 280.2 g of carbon de defiders (Kb = 2.34 C kg/mol) if 35.0 g of a nonvolatile, nonionizing link is dissolved in it. The molar fixed of the link is 70.0 g/mol and the boiling point of the pure carbon de defiders is 46.2 C.A. 0.292 CB. 1.31 CC. 8.35 CD. 35.2 CE. 4.18 C
Determine the Henry"s law continuous for ammonia in water at 25 C if an ammonia push of 0.022 atm to produce a systems with a concentration that 1.3 M.A. 59 M/atmB. 0.017 M/atmC. 0.029 M/atmD. 35 M/atmE. 0.038 M/atm
Which that the complying with would affect the rate of a given reaction?1) The reaction temperature2) The concentrations of the reactants3) A catalyst4) The physical states of the reactantsA. 1, 2, and 3, yet not 4B. 1, 2, and also 4, yet not 3C. 1, 3, and also 4, however not 2D. 2, 3, and also 4, but not 1E. 1, 2, 3, and also 4
The rate regulation for reaction: A + B --> C is offered by: rate = K ^2The reaction is ______ order with respect come A, _______ order with respect come B and ________ bespeak overall.A. Second, first, thirdB. Second, zero, secondC. First, second, thirdD. First, first, secondE. First, zero, first
The adhering to represents the relation between the rates in a reaction. -1/2(D/Dt) = 1/5(D/Dt) = -1/3(D/Dt)The chemistry equation that corresponds to the price relation is:A. 2X + 3Z --> 5YB. 2X + 5Y --> 3ZC. 1/2X + 1/5Y --> 1/3ZD. 1/2X + 1/3Z--> 1/5Y
Which that the adhering to statements is false?A. Instantaneous price is the rate at a particular instant throughout a reaction.B. Initial rate is the rate at the moment the reactants are blended (t=0).C. Average rate tells how rapid the reaction is going on at any kind of given instant.D. When studying initial rate, the rate of the turning back reaction is negligible.E. The mean rate decreases as the reaction progresses.
For a second order reaction, i beg your pardon of the complying with is a possible unit for the rate constant?A. SB. S^-1C. Together mol^-1 s^-1D. Mol L^-1 s^-1E. L^2 mol^-2 s^-1
For a reaction involving only reactant A, a graph of ln
versus time is a right line v a an unfavorable slope. I beg your pardon of the complying with statements is correct?A. The half-life the this reaction is live independence of the early stage concentration.B. The reaction is zero orderC. The rate legislation for this reaction is rate = K^2D. The intercept the the line v the vertical axis is the initial concentration of AE. The steep of the heat is equal to the rate constant
After 3.00 half-lives the a first order reaction, what percent of the starting material is left because that reaction, A --> 2BA. 6.25%B. 12.5%C. 33.3%D. 50.0%E. 66.7%
Which that the following statements is false?A. The chemical types at D will certainly go to type productsB. There are two change states in this reactionC. The energy of the second transition state is lower than the first transition state.D. The 2nd activation power is smaller than the very first activation energy.E. Enhancing the temperature will boost the activation energy of the very first step yet not the second.

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E. Increasing the temperature will increase the activation energy of the an initial step however not the second.