So winter is in full swing. Yes, shocking revelation, right!? and it’s a good time come talk about shoes no to stay in the snow!

And ifyou live in a likewise weather-challenged component of the world such ashere in Toronto, Canada, thenwe will be see & feeling snow on the floor for quite some time.

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Even in the Spring. But I’m going come be hopeful & hope the by climate it’ll have already started come melt away. Or perhaps you can’t empathise since you live somewhere that doesn’t get this cool, fluffy gift? Ever. If that’s the case, then I dislike you.


(Pssst…looking for good shoes to wear in the snow? inspect out my new post on the finest Canadian winter boots brands here!)

2018 observed a lengthy
ss winter in Toronto & I’m fearing prematurely the Winter 2019 will expand us the same courtesy. And also it is this exact same chilling angst that has me writing about what shoes no to undertake in the snow, today.

Because, frankly, I’ve witnessed far too lot shoe abuse in between last winter & the start of this one to leave the issuealone. I should vent, people!In public screens of writing, the course. Ah, ago to my shoes blogging roots!

So here goes:

It’s not that tough for me to grasp: when snow hits the concrete & thefreezing temperatures seep their way into our outdoor lives, we should dress because that the occasion.

Surely, blown parkas & moonboots aren’t the mostflattering the choices, however we doesn’t actually want to suffer-slash-die in the cold, currently do we?

(Sadly, I’m no exaggerating: during the worst winter work some human being in Toronto actually do). Therefore in following mydressing-for-cold-temperatures logic, I think our footwear choices should accomplish 3 certain criteria:

Prevent frostbite-associated toes lossKeep onefrom slipping & in turn cracking one’sskullKeep feet dry

Dunno about you, however it’s fairly simple to me: if it’s cold, bundle the ‘eff up. Then again, I’m strongly rationalwhen it concerns these things.

Itbaffles me in ~ theshoes Torontonians deem as suitable for walking in the snow, the dire cold & even thick patches of ice. Yes, snow/cold/ice: the inescapablewintertimetriple hazard of many Canadian sidewalks.

Buteveryyear, world (well, let’s face it: greatly women) prance about the December-March duration in an completely unsuitabledisplay that footwear.

I know it’s an overwhelming to save it chic during these months, but for the love that galoshes, is destroying your pricey footwear & to run the risk of crushing her pretty challenge really precious it?! ns say no. Face before feet here, ladies

Here arethe 5 shoes not to wear in the snow & cold.Hopefully I deserve to convince girlfriend to stop wearing these shoes for this & plenty of winters come come.

5 Shoes no to wear in the Snow

1. UGG Boots & Sheepskin Boots


Can girlfriend wear UGGs in the snow, girlfriend ask!?

A hell, NO is the most proper answer. I m really sorry folks!

If human being actually wore those “classic” UGGs asintended, i wouldn’t need to write blog postsabout just how to clean UGG boots & eliminate salt stains indigenous them.

UGG boots areinvented together after-surf foot-warmers. To it is in worn top top sand or best indoors. The last would be my choice.I hear Australians actually wear them together slippers.

Not only are theyNOT waterproof, they soak increase water & snow like a sponge. Oh, and the dyefades away in rain & snow. So yeah, wearing UGGS in the snow is a big no-no.

Can girlfriend wear UGG Boots in the Rain?

So if you’d additionally like to ask me can girlfriend wear UGG boots in the rain, I would certainly say absolutely not!

And no, you can’t waterproof them, no matter exactly how much product girlfriend spray on. Water-resistant does not waterproof make! Wear them in the slushy cold streets ¬ only will your feet it is in cold, wet & uncomfortable, however you’ll have damaged a perfect uggly expensive pair the boots.

Bravo! The twin UGG boots dilemma?: classic UGG boots space made of suede (#4 on mine “shoes not to stay in the snow list”!).

You’d it is in much better off opting for a pair of Cougar Shoes’ “Vail” winter boots i m sorry are totally waterproof, insulated with an excellent traction. See the complete fab 2019 Cougar Winter boots collection, here.

Need come wear sheepskin pair of shoes resembling UGGs in the snow? Opt because that a fully waterproof & treated suede that deserve to endure the harsh winter weather conditions. Such as these EMU Australia waterproof sheepskin boots the I’ve the review & styled here.

2. Stilettos


Ah, you’d think it basic enough, right? Oh, but noooo.Some dum-dums feel theirsuperhuman forces will stop them from emergency room landings. Here’s a small tip: broken high heels & stilettos are not her friends in thesnow.

I don’t treatment how pretty they are. They’re not just slippery however completelyunstable onice. Shot ’em on icy stairs! five the fun you’ll have!! You’ll be favor Bambi! just lesscute.

Aside native the obvious poor foot-warming choice, most heels, particularly thin stilettos, don’t have grippy outsoles & the heels bottoms are much too minuteto permit for any traction at all.

All the this amounts toa large risk forinjury. Injury because that you and your heels. Following time you decide to undertake a pair in the snow, ask yourself if precise falling because that fashion (or losing a heel) is worth it.

Already treaded in the snow through your heels and one has broken off? take it a emergence at mine post about the best glue because that shoes the will offer you 9 an excellent DIY shoes repair options!

3. Rainboots. Yes, those Hunter Bootstoo!

Can friend wear Hunter Boots in the Snow?

Yes and no. Here’s why “no”…

It kills me once people article their Hunter-boots-immersed-in-snow Instagram pics with an “It’s for this reason cold” &“Winter sucks!” caption. No sh*t Shirley, you’re attract boots expected for rain & puddles. RAIN+Boots. Gain it?

I don’t treatment how countless sock inserts you stuff intothesepuppies; uneven you’re wearing particularly designed winterized rubber boots (like my favorite MoovBoot pair) your feet will freeze. Yet most importantly for you, your boots will crack. Yep, true that.

Do Hunter Boots cracked in cold weather?

Yes, they do.

The actualrubberthese rainboots room made from(including the ubiquitous Hunters) aren’t physically constructed for sub-zero temperatures. Wear lock in Toronto or somewhere else in windchill degrees & you’re one relocate from throwing her $200 boots away.

Which would certainly be together a shame, as they’re oh-so fashionable& whatnot. For this reason don’t it is in a dunce, k? conserve themfor feather & loss or those really mild slushy days whereby warmth & cracking rubber won’t be an issue.

4. Suede pair of shoes in the Snow

Suede shoes must not it is in worn in the snow. Why? genuine suede is one of the many (I’d say second to satin) fragile footwear products out there.

So why everyone would even think of put on them anywhere aside from dried land is beyond me. Suede + water, or suede + snow cancause permanent damage to the fabric.

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But if you’ve excellent a pair of her suede shoes the dishonor the wrecking castle in winter weather, there’s quiet hope for you yet: go review my post onhow to clean suede shoes!

So let’s make a pact candlestick we? Let’savoid any further suedeshoe destructionby never wearing themin thesnowy and/or puddly months! Comment below to confirm…

Update: many brands are now making waterproof suede fabrics, for this reason this post wouldn’t use to these especially engineered suedes!

5. White Shoes

I feel choose I’m insulting your intelligence with this one. Let’s simply say the if I catch you put on white suede high heeled stilettos in the snow, you’re gonna gain an earful.

So the just around finishes turn off my rant/lecture on what shoes not to undertake in the snow. Currently the questions is: what pair of shoes should friend wear in the snow?

I’ll go more into depth on the subject in the near future (& mention some cute layouts too). Yet for the time being, here’s a an excellent little checklist to have actually with you during this or also next year’s eye shoe to buy season:

Thick rubber outsole with grippy monitor sole6-12 month guarantee water-PROOF label. Water-resistant just won’t do!Heavily insulated interior. Most good winter boots will guaranteewarmth approximately a certain temperatureBestwinter boots & shoes brands: La Canadienne, Cougar, Pajar, Aquatalia, Sorel, Columbia. Shop them, below:

Shop proper Winter Boots come wear in the Snow: