Founded in the early on 2000s, Redbox Automated sleeve LLC is one American and Canadian rental firm offering movies at their designated kiosks, via on-demand streaming, and free Live TV.

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Compared to your competitors, Redbox has a ‘return anywhere’ policy permitting customers to return your rentals to any kind of Redbox kiosk, regardless of what kiosk the rental was initially picked up from.

Given that part customers room not pleased through the service, that is no surprising the they would favor to learn much more about the refund policy and also process.

If friend are among them, review on to discover what us have uncovered out around Redbox refunds.

What Is Redbox’s Refund Policy?


Since Redbox is no transparent around its refund policy, the is difficult to tell in what instances the agency is willing to provide refunds.

The Redbox Transaction Terms and also Conditions state that if you rent or purchase a defective on-demand content, girlfriend can acquire a refund that the rental or acquisition price if a replacement through a non-defective contents is unavailable.

As for the rental or acquisition of items in ~ a Redbox kiosk, the very same Terms state the in the occasion of renting a defective item, girlfriend can get a replacement of the exact same or lesser value, though terms of Use state you will be eligible for a refund if together replacement is not available.

The terms of Use also state that Redbox’s total liability for any type of losses or damages will certainly not exceed $10 or the lot you to be charged, whichever is lesser.

How To get a Refund indigenous Redbox on mine Own?

As the Redbox refund request process is not clear, you should call their Customer support via:

Phone at 1.866.REDBOX3 (1.866.733.2693)

Can You inquiry a Refund Via

Yes / No







Yes (Live chat)


When you call Customer Service, make sure to explain in information what the concern is. For example, the DVD girlfriend rented is scratched and unplayable, or you have been overcharged because that items girlfriend returned.

Make certain to provide details such as:

BarcodesRental/purchase time stampsKiosk location

Note the requesting a refund does no guarantee girlfriend will acquire one even if you space approved. For much more details, inspect the usual Issues through Redbox ar below.

If you desire to publication a Redbox reservation, monitor this page.

What Is the Time home window To inquiry a Redbox Refund?

According to their FAQ page, Redbox does no refund dues older 보다 90 days.

How lengthy Will It take it To receive My Redbox Refund?

If a refund is granted, that takes about five come seven service days because that the refund to be earlier in customer’s accounts, relying on their financial institution.

Common problems With Redbox

According to resources such as Consumer Affairs or the Better company Bureau, Redbox client report assorted issues, the most common being:

Poor client serviceExcess charges due to the machine’s failure to scan went back itemsDefective DVDs or on-demand streaming issuesFailure come pay out refunds

Poor customer Service

Many individuals complain around customer representatives not being ready to cooperate, denying customers their rights, and hanging up on them when they urge on speak to the manager.

Even if they decision to communicate with a customer complaining around the service, state the the rental or purchase, or overcharges, the is not a guarantee the the customers will obtain a refund.

Excess Charges due to Machine’s failure To Scan returned Items

One of the most usual problems is customers gift overcharged for overdue rentals in spite of returning items within the shortest return window. it happens since Redbox devices fail to scan the items, and also the service immediately charges because that each extra day till the wrong is rectified.

Defective DVDs and On-Demand Streaming Issues

It is usual that items distributed from Redbox machines are scratched or otherwise defected, or the on-demand streaming experiences interruptions, resulting in customers’ i can not qualify to use the contents they rented or purchased.

Failure come Pay out Refunds

Even if the company agrees to provide you a refund, they have tendency to expand paying that out.

Request a Redbox Refund with


In instance you desire to spare you yourself the trouble of contacting customer Service and requesting a refund on her own, you have the right to delegate the job to

Our app has automated every the processes to make taking care of services such as Redbox go seamlessly and also without unnecessary stress.

Open in your web browser and take it the adhering to steps:

Click Get Protected under Chargeback InstantlyEnter the details around your bank and also the Redbox item you space requesting a refund forConfirm her request with a signature

Once the digital assistant has actually received her request, us will call your jae won institution and also dispute the Redbox charge. to strengthen your claim, we will forward girlfriend the pertinent MasterCard and VISA codes and also regulations. Us can also contact Redbox and request a refund on her behalf.

Get Rid that the Redbox advancement Emails

If girlfriend are having actually trouble with too much promotional or spam emails indigenous Redbox, we can help you reduced their flow to her inbox.

The Spam Collector functionality has actually been design to protect against undesired emails indigenous flooding our clients’ inboxes and exposing them to possibly harmful content.

Headaches end Redbox? No problems With

In case Redbox is giving you a difficult time and denying your customer rights, you may need to technique the matter more seriously and take legitimate action. has actually been honored v the louis M. Brown Award because that Legal accessibility by the American Bar Association. The world’s very first robot lawyer can help you assert your legal legal rights by filing a little claims lawsuit versus Redbox.

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