If you simply dyed her hair and also they invite you to invest a weekend in a beautiful home that has a spectacular pool, don’t prevent reading this.

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Because it could save her hair.

Or I should say, it could save the color of your hair.

Because if you no know, chlorine from swim pools or salt water native the ocean could ruin the dye in your hair.

That’s why today, I will tell you exactly how long you must wait come submerge your hair in a pool or ocean water.

And I deserve to tell you since I was about to make the same mistake.

The person who saved me was Valerie, my classmate in ~ university, that lived a terrible experience.

That’s why I’ll tell you:

Why you shouldn’t swim after just coloring your hair The minimum time you must wait prior to enjoying the pool or ocean how to defend your hair native the damage that chlorinated and also salty ocean water can cause

Why you do not do it swim after having just colored her hair


When you have actually just colored her hair, girlfriend feel favor you could touch the skies with your hands.

It doesn’t matter what shade it is or if it’s Californian wicks or balayage or an tremendous ashy blonde.

You feel completely renewed. Different. And ready to go out and also take ~ above the world.

That’s exactly how I feeling while I acquired my bag all set to enjoy a few days at the weekend house of a friend.

Do you understand what it means to invest a couple of days in ~ a weekend house?

It means a pool.

Cool you yourself off any time you want.

Jumping in in all of its assorted forms.

Also, barbeques and also lots and also lots that laughs.

So, i was prepare my bag once Valeria arrived.

The an initial thing she did to be congratulate me ~ above my newly colored, impactfully Burgundy hair.

But after, her hair went from delight to fear.

Have you ever before seen when someone’s challenge goes fully white from one minute to another?

I believed her blood pressure had actually dropped or something choose that, and also I was around to contact an ambulance.

And she simply said the phrase:

 “Don’t also think around going right into the swimming pool with recently colored hair!”

That was as soon as I lost the color from mine face, and I almost fainted.

How might she asking me no to get in the swimming pool with just how excited ns was?


She then described that it wasn’t an excellent when did you do it recently died your hair, come swim, one of two people in the pool or in the ocean.

It had happened to her the vault summer.

In simply a couple of days, she colored blonde hair had ended up green.

Three work passed without her leaving her house because she couldn’t stand being seen choose chlorine had destroyed her freshly dyed hair.

Chlorine is a chemical that is placed in pool water to protect against bacteria’s growth in the water. Up until there, everything is fine. Nobody likes to swim in a filthy pool that’s filled through bugs.

But in addition to death bacteria, chlorine kills hair dye.

And ns say death figuratively because, in reality, what that does is oxidization the colors that offered the shade to your hair.

And once your dyed hair oxidizes, the shade fades, the changes.

In blonde hair, it end up green.

The reality is the hair dyed blonde is the sort the sick the most in pool and also ocean water. Due to the fact that the blue colours of chlorine decolor the yellows of the hair, which turns it green.

In hair dyed red, favor mine, you run the threat of transforming copper, which no what ns wanted.

You’ll ask you yourself what i asked myself, how do I defend the shade of my fancy hair indigenous the chlorine and also seawater?


How lot time perform I have to wait to reap the pool or the ocean?

Firstly, you have to wait a minimum of between three and also four days to offer the dye pigments more time to set in.

But, the truth is the chlorine and ocean water, in addition to ultraviolet rays, constantly ends increase affecting the shade of the dye.


Unless you live with a shower cap on every time you walk in the pool or the ocean and immediately put on a cap to cover increase from the sun every time you obtain out that the water.

Yes, the outlook is discouraging because, ultimately, the chlorine as much as the ocean water will end up affect the shade of your hair.

But even so, you have the right to do some points to prolong the vivacity of the hair dye.

Do you desire to know what lock are?


How to defend your colored hair from the damages of chlorine and also ocean water


I recognize that what ns going to tell friend is going to sound crazy.

I claimed the same thing come Valeria, but after she hair ended up green for enjoying her beach vacation, she learned a few tricks, which i at least arrangement to follow to the “t.” 

Take note.

Or not.


You decide.

But if your blonde-dyed hair turns environment-friendly after diving right into the pool, you room warned.

Coconut oil


Check coconut oil top top Amazon


Yes. Valeria uses a few drops of coconut oil, an initial rubbing the in your hands and also smoothing distributing it anywhere your hair.

Coconut oil forms a film between the hair and also the chlorinated water.

It deserve to be a little bit sticky, but this is far better than the dye disappearing in the blink of one eye.

Before acquisition a emboldened in the swimming pool or the ocean, merely wet your hair with tap water.

When you obtain out that the swimming pool or the ocean, girlfriend should also rinse your hair with tap water.


Valeria always has a party of water on hand come rinse she hair once she gets the end of the ocean.

Use sunscreen for her hair


This was a surprise for me.

I knew that there to be sunscreen for her skin, however for hair?


My friend Valeria really is an open up encyclopedia because that hair care.

She provides sunscreen for she hair, which has filters the block UVA and UVB rays and also reduce chlorine’s results on the hair.

Also, the repairs separation ends and also prevents frizz.

Because in addition to chlorine, ocean water, and also the sun, the hair becomes much more fragile in summer because the hair yarn split, and a horrendous frizz appears.

So, currently you know.

Keep sunscreen for her hair constantly on hand, as lot at the swimming pool as in ~ the beach.

Do you feel her hair dirty after swim in a swimming pool or the sea?

No problem.

There are a lot of assets specifically designed to remove chlorine or salt from hair. Among these commodities is the Aveda Cleanser, i beg your pardon is safe for fancy hairs.

Every time you room invited come the beach, you speak no, for are afraid of damaging your hair?



Check chlorine and salt cleanser on Amazon

With a product prefer this, you can start enjoying the beach or swimming swimming pool days like everyone else.

Choose a shampoo for colored hair there is no sulfates.

This kind of shampoo helps restore the color while giving your hair ago the shine the chlorine gets rid of.

They also hydrate the hair, giving it back the moisture that the sun and the chlorinated and also ocean water piece out.


Every two or 3 days, I have actually some deep hair mask, which is finest for repairing too much damages.

So, there I was in my room, once again obtaining my bag ready.

But this time, ns was including a shower cap and also a hat for the sun.

The sunscreen for hair to be my friend Valeria’s responsibility since she came prepared.

Do you desire me to tell friend the truth?


With every one of this hair care, I totally enjoyed those days in ~ the weekend home, and also my hair color didn’t obtain ruined.

I totally enjoyed the pool, the sun, and also the barbeques.

Because, honestly, us aren’t going come not enjoy the summer and good times through friends just since we dyed our hair.

But if we have the right to do other to prolong the life of the color in ours hair, we’d be stupid not to perform it, don’t you think?


One an ext thing.

A tip that my friend Valeria gave me.

If you have dyed-blonde hair and chlorine or s water turned the a little bit green, right here is a solution.

Hair massages v baking soda to get rid of the environment-friendly in blonde hair

Mix 5 tablespoons that baking soda with enough water to develop a special paste.

Once you accomplish this, arm yourself with courage, i promise it will be worth it, and also distribute the paste over her hair, massaging your scalp in circles.


Let that sit for five minutes and rinse with numerous water.

Wash your hair through a unique shampoo because that colored hair and apply a deep moisturizing hair mask.

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You deserve to use that every 2 or 3 days come neutralize the green in the hair the is created by ocean or pool water.

Now girlfriend know how to safeguard the color in your dyed hair native the ocean water, chlorine in pools, and sun rays.

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