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We every LOVE immediate noodles, or commonly known together ramen outside of Singapore. The yellow thing maintained us alive during school, and also kept us full during our working days. But can girlfriend eat ramen raw?

But prior to delving right into the facts, here’s a “health warning”: prompt noodles aren’t exactly BFF with health and wellness freaks. Here, check out a video clip we’re excellent on immediate noodles (the sodium content is going to shock you)


(Do i ordered it to ours YouTube channel for much more informative videos!)

Well, if you’ve watched the video clip in the entirety, you’ll understand the facts about eating life ramen noodles; if you’re a bookworm and prefer to read, below goes.

Can friend Eat Ramen Raw?

Many of us would have heard of this prior to from our parental or grandparents: girlfriend must always cook your instant noodles, if no you’ll get diarrhea or die from eat it “raw”.

Okay, possibly it gift fatal is a small exaggerated, however you get the idea.

When I remained in the army going v my basic military training, the instructors to be adamant about us having to cook our immediate noodles prior to we eat them: anyone breaking the rules, according to him, would be punished.

It further made me believe that uncooked prompt noodles no healthy and eating castle would have actually serious consequences.

But here’re the facts: yes, while the tastes fairly weird, it’s perfectly fine to eat that uncooked.

The reason is that instant noodles space essentially already cooked before packaging: you’re because of this just having it in a different way when you down it there is no boiling it.

Here’s a video clip showing the manufacturing of immediate noodles, from raw materials to its packaged form:


Is it safe to eat the peak Ramen noodles without putting them in cook water first?Some people have discovered that they enjoy top Ramen together a snack, much like potato chips. The noodles are damaged up and eaten straight from the package or sprinkled on height of salads. Because the noodles are currently cooked, that is entirely safe to eat this way.

A couple of of us, commonly the guys, have actually makan-ed it uncooked too during NS, together soldiering has actually taught us to eat anything other than humans. So far, everyone’s still alive, and also we don’t remember having diarrhea after that (trust me, we’ll absolutely remember if we’ve diarrhea throughout outfield).

But that course, all we can say is this: cook the damn noodles. It simply takes three minutes and also you’ll have something nice instead of some raw biscuit-tasting food.

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And oh, go you know that prompt noodles manufacturers have actually deliberately ensured that food preparation takes three minutes for a factor that only benefits them? There, told you to clock the video clip liao.