I have actually been request by mine hairdresser about the dangers of contracting HIV when using the facilities. What are the precautions one have to take for this problem? room there any scientific documents addressing this question?


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Dear Miguel,

Quite the beauty salon conversation topic! when HIV is a serious infection, it is no a particularly strong virus when it is exterior of a human body — which includes contact with restroom fixtures. In fact, the can"t live very long outside of an infected person. So, the answer to the question you’ve asked is that no precautions should be taken to prevent the risk of HIV transmission when you’re utilizing the lavatory. It"s been well established that the HIV virus is transmitted in the adhering to ways:

Bodily liquid exchange (i.e., semen, vaginal, or cervical fluids) v an infected person —These fluids must get in an uninfected person"s body with mucous membranes, cuts, or various other openings (mucous membranes line the vagina, rectum, urethra, and also the mouth) Infected blood transmission v intravenous, intramuscular, or subcutaneous injection (i.e., using infected needles) From one infected mom to her baby throughout pregnancy, throughout delivery, or with breastfeeding

That gift said, HIV is not transmitted via casual contact. A person cannot transmit HIV with things like handshakes, hugs, or sharing a bowl of nachos. The virus additionally cannot live or reproduce on meaningless objects, such together toilet seat or sinks. Additionally, contact with saliva, tears, or pee or bites indigenous insects will not transmit the virus.

The only means a person can get HIV from "the facilities" is if s/he is having unprotected sex v an infected human being in the bathroom, or if s/he has actually an open up wound the comes into call with the blood of an infected person when in the bathroom. For more information ~ above HIV transmission, visit the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. The next time you’re due because that a trim, you deserve to advise her stylist that s/he deserve to use the facilities, as well as continue to cut hair, there is no risking HIV-infection.


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