Calling every Airsoft Enthusiasts, What are the Security Guidelines because that flying v your airsoft weapons/firearms? also toy guns, replica weapons and also even war memorabilia ..what exactly are the airline rules because that flying with these. 

After a recent expedition from the United claims to the Jamaica via Delta airlines with a an easy Airsoft gun, i ran into a few issues which wasn’t fun! Upon returning to the U.K, i was mentioning my worries with a friend that had during the current 100th anniversary of people war one attempted to bring ago to the U.K, war memorabilia and also deactivated weapons.

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So after much deliberation I decided to inspection the clear rules because that flying & imported through these species of tools as they space not actual at the end of the day! So together you might of guessed the rules differ per airline and also each country has variations!

Airsoft tools vs TSA Security?


TSA agents captured a male trying to take an Airsoft grenade and also other items with a security checkpoint in ~ Newark Liberty global Airport on Saturday, in march 1, 2019 – Source: NJ.Com

According to NJ news, 

“Federal authorities uncovered a fake grenade, pellets and other items that a passenger attempted to carry through a defense checkpoint at Newark Liberty global Airport ~ above Saturday.

The man, bound for Heathrow plane in London, voluntarily abandoned the Airsoft grenade and accessories about 5 p.m. When Transportation Security management agents discovered them.

He was permitted to plank his flight because it is no illegal to possess a replica grenade, the spokeswoman said. “

So he’s luckily that didn’t get fined, yet he shed his high-quality kit! So follow our tips listed below to protect against this happening come you! 

United states Airline Rules: Airsoft, toy weapons or replicas: 

If travel to or from the United states or paris domestically TSA (Transport and Security Administration) is her go come guide! A federal agency created ~ the September 11th attacks, there main goal is come govern the security of the joined states.

So what perform they have to say about Airsoft guns & Replicas?

Bob Burns indigenous the TSA Explains:

For those of you not acquainted with Airsoft, it’s an activity comparable to paintball, however the guns shoot plastic pellets. When the firearms don’t fire genuine bullets, castle look alarmingly realistic.

Most that the guns have orange advice on the muzzles, yet on the X-ray screen, castle look favor the real deal and will reason an occurrence and delay you and also your fellow passengers!

They’re likewise prohibited from the aircraft due to the fact that they’re considered a reality replica and also would likely cause panic and commotion if checked out on a plane.

Like paintball guns, Airsoft firearms are perfect fine to move in your checked baggage, and as with BB and pellet guns, over there is no should declare them as you would certainly a real firearm.

There are likewise Airsoft grenades and also mortars that look realistic! These space not yes in carry-on or checked baggage. Store in mind the if her gun offers compressed gas cartridges, those room prohibited as well. CO2 cartridges are only permitted with life vests and mechanical limbs.


TSA are in search of anything suspicious at the airport native Airsoft weapons, to replica firearms.

So if her traveling in the United claims you might only move firearms, ammunition and also firearm parts in your checked baggage. Firearms, ammunition and firearm parts are prohibited native carry-on baggage.

TSA demands for Airsoft Firearms:

There are also a series of additional requirements the TSA States have to be followed:

Airport declaration of Airsoft Weapon:You should declare all weapons to the airline during the ticket respond to check-in process.The firearm must be unloaded. Airsoft Container Requirements: The firearm have to be in a hard-sided container.  The container need to be locked. Provide the crucial or combination to the security officer if the or she demands to open the container.

Airsoft secure Container TSA authorized for flying

Screening the replica firearms:Remain existing during screening to take it the vital back after the container is cleared. If you room not present and also the defense officer should open the container, we or the airline will certainly make a reasonable effort to call you. If us can’t call you, the container will not be inserted on the plane. Federal regulations prohibit unlocked gun cases (or instances with broken locks) on aircraft.” 

TSA checking for replica weapons, toy guns, and airsoft weapons

Airsoft Ammunition: Ammunition – have to be securely packed in fiber (such together cardboard), lumber or metal boxes or various other packaging the is particularly designed come carry small amounts the ammunition.


 You can’t use firearm magazines/clips for packing ammunition uneven they fully and securely enclose the ammunition (e.g., by securely spanning the exposed sections of the magazine or by securely put the magazine in a pouch, holder, holster or lanyard).


 You may lug the ammunition in the very same hard-sided situation as the firearm, as lengthy as you pack it as defined above.

(Airsoft Ammunition overview Flying through Airsoft Weapons)

Black flour or Percussion cap in lug on luggage? You can’t lug black flour or percussion caps provided with black-powder kind firearms in either your carry-on or confirm baggage.

If you forget to follow the rules? civil Penalties & Prosecution:

The TSA and also other authorities strictly enforce this regulations. Hurt can an outcome in criminal prosecution and civil penalty of increase to $10,000 every violation.

Airline Rules because that Airsoft, Toy guns and also Replicas:

To beat it safe before travel you should call your airline as may have their own added policies concerning replica firearms and amount the ammunition etc.

If you space traveling internationally, please check with the authorities at her destination around their requirements. 


Flying through Airsoft weapons – Delta Airlines

Exceptions come the Airline Rules:Rout

There space certain minimal exceptions for regulation enforcement policemans who may fly equipped by conference the demands of title 49 CFR § 1544.219. Legislation enforcement policemans should examine with your superiors and also read additional into policies prior to traveling with guns.

Source: For further info please check out the TSA website. 

Delta Airlines case Study (Airsoft weapons at Airport) Route: JFK Airport to Dominican Republic

An Airsoft hobbyist named Freddie, that flew native the united state (JFK) come the Dominican Republic (SDQ) via Delta Airlines, in 2016. Below is his story:

Firstly what the took with him while flying:

Hard Plastic situation for Airsoft weapon:

This is a need to as all rifles need to be transported in here, the goes without speak it must have the orange tip, the plastic case must have actually a 4 seal minimum, must have a constant non-tsa lock, and not conveniently priable.

ICS Transform4 rifle, orange tip, unloaded and also no battery in the gun.

About 5 M4 mags, 3 of this were hello Cap mags, and also I left them complete as i wouldn’t desire to command TSA to think they to be real.

1 clear AK mag, for a buddy

a 1 kg BB bag

P226 Frame, because that buddy the mine, in addition to an extra mag

2 NiMH batteries, I usage lipos, yet I acquired a spare one so ns can present what the total is powered by.

In confirm luggage:

I acquired a notification of inspection in here, so tsa opened it up and also checked my stuff, however everything was placed right back. For this reason beware that this

JPC v Molle Attachments

2 1kg BB bags

3 preventive M4 mid caps

2 preventive KWA ATP mags

Extra Stock, couple of motors and couple of gearbox update parts

In mine carry-on baggage. 

Please note, carry on airsoft items space extremely minimal as TSA has strict rules around this

I took a Micro T1 and also a Rifle border in a tough plastic side arm case inside my lug on bag, and a fight Belt with some molle attachments too.

“That’s around it because that the gear I took. I know it’s a lot, however in the DR shipping prices are exorbitant, and it’s a many cheaper to buy in the US and just take it it v me. Ns was required to distribution items across certain bags since of load restrictions.” – states Freddie. 

What happened at the Airport?

” I came down on the airport and at package Drop, ns told the lady I’d be check in one airsoft gun. She did not understand what it to be so I simply said the a replica firearm. She seemed not to mind, and also even surprised that i wouldn’t be acquisition it Carry-on, however I knew the rules and I had actually her ask who else. And yup, local Port authority police had to check it and also it would need to be cleared for flight and checked as a firearm. Had ns listened to the first lady, my gun would certainly probably have actually been confiscated.

She then motivated me to the Delta Kiosk aid area, whereby a lot nicer lady defined what I had actually to do. A harbor authority police officer would have to clear it for flight, I’d need to fill the end a firearm unloaded tag, and also I’d have to pay the second checked luggage dues ($40 dollars) and I’d be all good.

So this pretty gentleman came up after ~ she called the cops, opened my case and also examined everything. He was an airsoft player self (awesome) and also knew what he was dealing with. He had me open up the situation right then and also there, (I obtained tons of looks native the human being who were in line), that then deemed it safe for flying, and also walked v me come TSA, at TSA they took his badge number and also name, and also sent me on mine way.

Everything went as smooth as silk from there, arrived at DR and everything went normal, and also I’m now at this time unpacking everything. ”

The resource of this case study is from an Airsoft hobbyist called Freddie (all credit transaction to him) top top a Reddit forum.

Flying into the U.K with a BB gun/Airsoft, toy,Replica gun.

As most commonly thought the U.K has a couple of more plans than the U.S.A whereby people shot to transfer real weapons on occasion. To bring the bb gun/Airsoft into the UK together it is, will require you, the owner, to have actually a valid defence together prescribed under the VCRA (Violent Crime reduction Act) to show that girlfriend will usage the Replica Imitation RIF in a for sure manner.

Legal part (Airsoft/BB guns)

1) a UKARA REGISTRATION is the easiest method to obtain a defence.

2) over there are other defences, which might be worth looking into, you can read the particular component of the VCRA HERE and the amendment HERE. Top top the second link, find for words Airsoft and you will discover what you need.

3) Paint the total – If you deserve to paint the gun so the it appears unrealistic you deserve to import it as an IF noted that you room 18 or older. Repaint something which isn’t covered once you hold the replica, and use a glowing eye recording colour which no incorporate any camouflage!

As because that the Airline, they might well it is in a little nervous about allowing one imitation firearm onto an aircraft, however after explaining what you intended to execute well front of time, and transporting the RIF safely need to sort all that out.

Practicalities the Travel through Airsoft:

Following similar rules to TSA explained previously should assist you to avoid any issues.

Contact the Airline:

Detail what friend would favor in your confirm luggage and hand luggage. (better to put all in confirm to it is in on the for sure side.

Declaration the Airsoft Firearm:

You must declare all weapons to the airline throughout the ticket counter check-in process.The firearm need to be unloaded. 

Airsoft Container Requirements: 

The firearm have to be in a hard-sided container.  The container need to be locked. Provide the an essential or mix to the protection officer if that or she demands to open the container.
(Or usage a TSA approved Padlock i m sorry they deserve to open)A details Note or data sheet inside the Container – 

Keep a note in the instance that defines exactly what , that it is incapable of handling or discharging any form of ammunition various other than lightweight BBs. Put your UKARA details in there together well, consisting of Name, full Address, UKARA number.

Word that caution once flying v an Airsoft firearm:

Don’t use words “Gun” “Firearm” or “Weapon” at the airport, whilst you’re delivering a gun bag or pistol case. Also DO NOT remove it indigenous the case. If the check in salesman or security ask to see it, define that that is an RIF and also that you need to take it to a private room first.

Flying worldwide with Airsoft or Replica weapons?

Your finest bet is to follow the above guidelines for the U.S.A and also U.K, Locked case, Declare and Check in etc. Climate you shouldn’t go much wrong. Yet make sure you inspect with the airline prior to hand come clairfy any kind of differences. State that you are following U.S. , T.S.A rules and also U.K rules and that are there any differences. If possible, shot to pack every little thing in your confirm in bag and you shouldn’t have any kind of worries.

Flying v Airsoft, Replica guns or even War Memorabilia:

Common sense is the key when traveling with airsoft guns it isn’t commonly difficult. simply follow the over rules, Declare, inspect with airport inspect in employee without bring about alarm and you need to be fine! The exact same rules apply for war memorabilia as long as deactivated (With evidence), Movie Prop Weapons and any other imitation firearm.

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Our Town and Tourist, five gold tips are:





Check in.

(Courtesy of our Town and also Tourist Airsoft Enthusiasts) . 

For imports and also shipping from various other countries and also places choose China the same procedure must be complied with with clear import documentation and also any data sheets stating specifically what that is, the reality its inactive its function (Antique) , security Clearance and contact number, deal with for yourself to answer any type of further questions.