From children’s books to TV commercials, the cat will always appear associated with drinking milk from a small dish. Since then, the idea of ​​cats like to drink milk has been embedded in many people’s minds.

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Milk is rich in nutrients. It makes sense if a cat owner comes up with the idea of ​​feeding a cat with human milk.

But with the question of whether human milk is suitable for cats or not, not everyone can answer. If you are among those who still wonder, this article is for you.

Is it OK to feed the cat with human milk?

Maybe they can, but it doesn’t suit them.

Each species produces its own milk for its young. Thus, the nutrients and fat content in milk are also different and unique to each species. That also means human milk is made for humans, cow’s milk is made for the calves, and cat milk is made for kittens.

When you keep your kitten with human breast milk, the cat will not get the best out of growth. Not to mention the case that there will be substances that are not good for the digestion of cats in human milk. You probably don’t want to give your cat a type of milk that won’t provide them with any health benefits.

If you want, you can try giving your cat human milk. As noted above, this is not impossible. But for sure, it’s not a good idea to use human milk to feed your cat.

Can the cat drink all types of milk?

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Can cats drink cow’s milk?

The answer is yes. Some cats can drink minimal amounts of cow’s milk. Even so, it would help if you still were careful when you feed your cat cow’s milk.

You should avoid giving your cat full-fat cow’s milk. The whole cow’s milk has a higher fat and sugar content than the others, which is not suitable for your cat. Instead, you can choose to give your cat either organic skim or milk with a 1% fat content.

Lactose-free cow’s milk is also an option for you, and luckily, it’s safer.

Some veterinarians will recommend you other products available in pet stores like Cat-Sip.

Is Fresh milk suitable for cats?

Cats can drink fresh milk. Fresh milk is what you should choose for your cat. The reason for this is because raw milk has less of a negative effect on your cat’s growth than many other types of milk. The same goes for unpasteurized milk.

Give your cat pasteurized milk – should or not?

In contrast to unpasteurized milk, you should not give your cat pasteurized milk. In studies of feeding a cat pasteurized milk, pasteurized milk causes different problems in cats. These include bone abnormalities, developmental deficiencies, and reproductive issues in cats.

Pasteurized milk is terrible for cats. So, avoid pasteurized dairy products when choosing cat milk.

Can cats drink sweetened condensed milk or unsweetened condensed milk?

There is nothing worse if you give your cat sweetened condensed milk. Scientists believe that your cat will really have trouble digesting sweetened condensed milk. If you thought unsweetened condensed milk would be the opposite, you’re wrong. Unsweetened condensed milk is also bad for cats.

The excess carbohydrates in these two types of milk will cause the same kinds of problems you see from pasteurized milk, but with a more severe degree. That is a matter of concern.


Cats are carnivores. Therefore, the cat’s digestive system is well-developed for this feature. You should not give soy milk to your cat because the plant-based soy milk is soy. Meanwhile, the cat’s digestive system does not have enough carbohydrate-converting enzymes to process proteins from plants.

Hence, soy milk is not the right choice for your cat. If your cat is one of those cats that are allergic to soy protein, then giving your cat soy milk will result in worse results than you might imagine.

Almond milk

Milk sugar, also known as lactose, is an ingredient that is not present in almond milk. Cats have a hard time digesting lactose, so you might think that almond milk is fine for your cat.

Although almonds are not on the list of toxic foods to pets, they can still be dangerous. That’s because almonds contain a large number of oils and fats. Cats can induce vomiting and diarrhea from these substances. In a few other cases, eating almonds could lead to pancreatitis in cats.

In short, you shouldn’t choose almond milk for cats!

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a nutritious drink for humans, but is it suitable for cats? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Coconut is just as high in oil and fat as almonds. They are drupes, also known as stone fruits. Coconuts have some of the same properties and nutrients as nuts and fruits, although they are not nuts.

Cats’ digestive systems are unable to process plant proteins, which means they also have difficulty handling coconut milk.

Goat milk

Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk has a higher content of minerals and vitamins. It also includes some taurine. Additionally, the milk sugar (lactose) concentration in goat’s milk is slightly lower.

Studies have shown that digestion in rats is similar to that in cats. In rats, goat milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk, according to the researchers. It allows the absorption of more iron and copper.

In general, if your cat can tolerate milk, raw goat’s milk is the right choice in small and infrequent amounts.

Is Milk Bad For Cats? Read before feeding your kitten milk is the article you should learn for more useful information about feeding your cat milk.

What consequences would happen if you use improper milk to feed your cat?

Cats are susceptible, just drinking a certain amount of milk will make the cat uncomfortable. It causes an imbalance in the cat’s body, mildly symptoms of flatulence, loss of appetite. More severe can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Mild manifestations of lactose intolerance manifest as a gas. Your pet will have gas, and you may hear some rumbling sounds in their stomach. Most of the time, the pet will refuse to eat food until the gas is over.

When she accidentally gave the cat a drink, this symptom appeared. You can hydrate them by giving Pedialyte – a form of dextrose by mouth. If diarrhea and vomiting symptoms persist, you should contact your veterinarian right away!

Taking cats to the vet


When nurturing and caring for a cat, cat’s milk is also a nutritious drink to ensure healthy growth. Like humans, cats also need to drink milk to supplement the necessary nutrients. However, not all milk can be taken by cats. If possible, choose cat-specific products that will help your cat absorb nutrients in the best way.

So, Can cats drink human milk? Hope you got the answer.

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