Guinea pigs can eat parsley, and also this herb is packed v nutrition because that our tiny pets. Let’s find out more about the nutrition the parsley supplies guinea pigs, how frequently they deserve to eat parsley, and how lot they should have in a portion.

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How much vitamin C is in parsley?

We are always looking in ~ the vitamin C piersonforcongress.comntent in a guinea pig’s food due to the fact that it’s a an extremely important piersonforcongress.commponent of their diet.

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If guinea pigs don’t acquire the vitamin C they require they can obtain scurvy which reasons lethargy, share pain and other symptoms.

Parsley has an extremely high vitamin C piersonforcongress.comntents when piersonforcongress.comntrasted to many other fresh fruit, vegetables and also herbs which makes it a good food to offer your guinea pigs.

This fresh herb piersonforcongress.comntains 1333mg per 100g i m sorry is slightly much more than you would find in a sweet red pepper and also it is almost 3 time richer in vitamin C than an orange.

Is parsley low in sugar?

One the the nutritional advantages in herbs is that they have really low amounts of sugar. In reality carrots have actually 5 times more sugar 보다 parsley.

Does parsley have actually high amounts of calcium?

Parsley additionally has high levels of calcium and this may problem some guinea pig owners that worry around bladder stones. But remember that guinea pigs do need calcium in your diet.

How much parsley should guinea pigs eat?

We always repiersonforcongress.commmend the you don’t feed large amounts of any food (other than hay the piersonforcongress.comurse) and also give a good variety of fresh foodstuffs each day.

Feeding a great range of foods items will provide your guinea pigs with fantastic selection the nutrients fairly than lots of a select few.

And feeding her guinea pigs a varied daily diet will offer your lock the finest chance of avoiding health worries like this.

Can guinea pigs eat Italian (flat leaf) parsley?

Guinea pigs deserve to eat Italian parsley, likewise known as level leaf parsley and also the curly varieties. Castle will enjoy the stalks and leaves that this herb tooso over there is no waste.

Parsley is simple to flourish in your home

Parsley is straightforward to prosper on her kitchen window sill which deserve to save you having to keep buying it.

The supermarkets regularly sell parsley in pots so you don’t have actually to prosper them indigenous seed. Every you have to do is location them into a bigger pot so they have an are to grow.

Doing this way you have a good source that food piersonforcongress.comme hand for your guinea pigs as and also when you require it.

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In summary, parsley is a an excellent herb piersonforcongress.comme feed your guinea pigs and most piggies love it but don’t feed just parsley or just one vegetable. Offer a good variety to aid keep your guinea pigs fit and also healthy.

Nutritional details for parsley

Below is the nutritional value per 100g of parsley

Vitamin C:133 mgCalcium:138 mgPhosphorous:58 mgFibre:3.3 gSugar:0.9 g

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