Internet gets An Overnight Viral concern ‘Can Dog’s Sperm provide Birth to A Human?’

OK. Before you all freak the end ‘What space we even discussing about? What did i miss?’ i would expect you every to follow up the recent news and also know those happening roughly you. If you have actually been life under a rock and know nothing various other than Government’s GST which to be passed critical year. Enable me come explain.

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Apparently, there is a one an ext GST (definitely, not the exact same kind) i beg your pardon is happen the to the human being on the web today by legend RGV. And also obviously, there have been arguments on TV.

Adhi arguments ante edho maamul discussions kadhu, Mahaa mahaa debates ane cheppali. Modi gari GST (Goods and Service Tax) kante ekkuva arguments dheenike jarigayi. TV channels ki ithe pandage pandaga environment anamata, an ext than 1 week ki kavalsina issue dhorikesindhi. Evaru totally free ga unte vaallani studio ki pilichi vaallatho disputes pettesthunnaru. Inka college students vishayam thelisindhe, vaallu eppudu khali ga ne untaru, inka ilantidhi oka debate, the too with RGV ante, panulu unna maanukoni mari vastharu.

Dhorikindhe chance, malli malli vasthodho raadho, ani anukoni students vaalla mind lo unna concerns ani adigesaru, cinema ki sambhandham unnavi, lenivi, edhi padithe adhi adigaru, kontha mandhi ithe RGV ni chala personal questions kuda adigaru. Aayana vaatiki kuda chala cool ga tranquil ga answers ichi, marenno Thug life videos ki swagatham palikaru.

Mari ilanti oka adhbhuthamaina dispute nunchi vachinadhe, ee gold question. Last 24 hours lo web la janalani confuse chesi padesindhi. “Can Dog Sperm Really give Birth come A Human?”. Idhi vinagane meeru entha avaakk ayyaro, memu kuda anthe avaakk ayyam. So ee confusion nunchi bayataki ravadaniki us did a little research and actually found an answer to this million dissension question.

According to Biology, civilization famous researchers ee vishayam paina spandhisthe em antaro chudham.

International Scientist 1: Mr. Bean Bageshwara Rao

A human being female is only able to acquire pregnant making use of sperm from a person male. And also a canine (dog) mrs is only able to gain pregnant making use of sperm indigenous a canine (dog) male. Adhering to this very same line of thought, a person male is likewise not capable of obtaining a dog pregnant. As straightforward as that.

International Scientist 2: doctor Arjun, Reddyology Specialist

No, you deserve to never acquire pregnant with dog sperm. Due to the fact that the pregnancy would never ever survive. The sperm and the egg are various spices. And also since they are incompatible, lock would never ever survive.

And ila English lo chepthe clarity miss avthundhi, ‘Maaku chakkaga Telugu bhashalo kavali’, ani anukune vaariki, we gained an globally acclaimed famed doctor, he is the topper that the college, topper the the batch, topper of the university, doctor Bandla Anna,

International Star Bandla Ganesh Anna:

Idhigo, Iyanni Time rubbish Yavvaralu Saar. Ilanti chetha thoughts mee brains lo nunchi theeseyali first. Nenu critical year Obama ni kavalataniki vellinappudu, akkada world famous medical professionals tho nenu idhe vishayam gurinchi talk about chesanu, but vaalla thoughts na think chala various ga unnayi, nen entha chepthunna vinakunda, vaallu naku edhuru chepparu, ‘Asal vaallaki nen evaro thelidhu anukunta, nannu chaala thakkuva anchana vesthunnaru. Nannu ippatiki ippudu Trump quiet poyi photo dhigi rammantara? ’ annanu, meeku dhandam andi babu ani akkada nunchi antha mayam ipoyaru. Aa tharwatha em jarigindho nak anthaga gurthuledhu. And also finally nen cheppukochedhi entante, ‘Naa meedha Eega kuda vaala ledhu’. Ika selavu.

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P.S: This is an entirely sarcastic and light-hearted article written only for fun. Carry out not take it anything seriously to her hearts!

P.P.S: even though the world used as scientists in images 1 & 2 are fake. The text written over there is for sure true. And No, You perform not gain pregnant through dog’s sperm. Cheers and also Happy Republic Day!