It doesn"t take it an avid, nerdy veteran Jammer to have heard that these animal Jam myths before. Most of these rumors have been roughly for a lengthy time, and also it seems that no matter how hard AJHQ tries to confirm that countless of lock aren"t true, players still don"t obtain the picture.

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Whether it be free membership or heaps the rares, world spend hours jumping ~ above the arch in Coral Canyons in hopes of some kind of gift. Over there is no yes, really proof, evidence, or document of ANYONE, in the entire history of pet Jam, who has broken the leg COMPLETELY. The arch simply simply cracks and big chunks autumn off.

Much prefer the ahead myth, you cannot get free membership or rares native jumping top top the ice cream in Mt. Shiveer. Again, there isn"t a single record of someone actually breaking the ice cream totally.
3. If you rotate white and also dance top top the diamond-shaped tiles in the Diamond Shop, you will get totally free diamonds.

Back in 2013 once the Diamond Shop opened for visitors, this rumor to be so popular and also out of control that AJHQ had actually to take it a stand and also confirm that this legend was certainly false. Since then you seldom see white pets dancing around and also yelling all over in the Diamond Shop.

If you have actually a slow computer, opened chests could not be your favorite thing since it usually reasons lag, yet that doesn"t average that it"s considered poor luck. In fact, if you walk on adventures often and also don"t open up chests with gems and also other prizes in them, you"re just lacking out.

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2016 is already halfway over with, and besides, the CEO of animal Jam, Clark Stacey, evidenced that this rumor is false a when ago.

The adventure chest thing drives me NUTS! world literally threaten to REPORT friend if you get them :|-Kraft

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