Hello again, that you and also meKinda always like it used to beSippin" wine, killing timeTrying to fix life’s mysteries.How’s her life, it’s been a whileGod it’s good to see you smileI watch you reaching for her keysLooking because that a factor not to leave.If girlfriend don’t recognize if you should stayIf you nothing say what’s on her mindBaby just, breathe there’s no whereby else this evening we must be-You wanna do a memory.

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I dug up this old photographLook at all the hair us hadIt’s bittersweet come hear girlfriend laughYour call is ringing, ns don’t wanna ask.If you walk now, ok understandIf you stay, hey, I gained a planYou wanna make a memoryYou wanna stealing a item of timeYou can sing a melody to me and also I could write a couple linesYou wanna make a memory.If friend don’t recognize if you have to stayAnd you nothing say those on your mindBaby just, breath there’s no wherein else tonight we should be-You wanna make a memoryYou wanna stealing a piece of timeYou could sing a melody to me and also I can write a pair linesYou wanna do a memoryYou wanna make a memory

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