Tubas are among the largest instruments used in ensemble orchestras today. The most expensive tubas produce deep, wealthy tones that never fail to carry down the orchestra—in a good way!

Tuba History

The tuba is a Germanic/Prussian invention that dates earlier to 1835 in ~ the initial patent that the “bass tuba.” the word “tuba” in Latin means trumpet. The tuba is the biggest of the brass instruments with the lowest key in the brass family.

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Tubas are among the an ext “modern” tools in orchestras this day as that was an initial used in the 19th-century. Distinctive in their design, tubas space made through tubes and valves that control their sound. Valves space either rotary or piston, yet it’s not uncommon to find a tuba that contains both.

Rotary valves were designed by Joseph Reidl, based on the initial patents. In the 1840s and also 1850s, piston valves became common after their innovation from François Périnet. Rotating valves require much less maintenance but are difficult to disassemble. While, in opposition, piston valves require consistent oiling however are straightforward to disassemble.

Most commonly, tubas incorporate three to six valves. The 3-valve tuba is often reserved because that amateurs or sousaphones (tubas provided by marching tape players).

Tuba Pitches

Tubas are found in various pitches. The most typical are F, E♭, C, or B♭. Once referencing pitch, tubas are often classified as F, E, CC, or BB-flat. Every pitch synchronizes with a various purpose and often delegates the tuba’s use within the orchestra or in solo practice.

What provides Tubas Expensive?

What provides the most expensive tubas costly is their size and also the amount of steel used to make them. Often, the tubing in ~ the tuba can be everywhere from fourteen to sixteen feet long. Steels like silver and also gold likewise make tubas an ext expensive to build and also purchase. However, most tubas room made the brass.

One attractive fact about the make of tubas is that they are polished with soil walnut shells! This is because walnut shells have a high oil contents that is suitable for polishing the metal.

Famous Tuba Players

Notable tuba players, referred to as tubaists or tubists, incorporate Øystein Baadsvik, roger Bobo, Carol Jantsch, man Fletcher, and Yasuhito Sugiyama. The Juilliard institution of Music in brand-new York has also featured several professional tubists from around the world.

When it pertains to incomparable charm and also quality, tubas are impressive for their low variety and wealthy intonation. Below is a perform of the ten most expensive tubas in the world. This tubas were crafted v rare metals, include distinctive valve systems, and also resonate clear and remarkable notes, which reason them to was standing out amongst the rest.

10 most expensive tubas in the world

1. B&S 3198 5/4 CC Tuba 3198-S


Price: $15,661

The B&S 3198 series Tuba is a 5-valve (4 pistons and also one rotary) CC tuba in a size of 5/4, do it fantastic fit because that the median tuba enthusiast. This tuba is built of yellow brass and also coated in a clear lacquer because that a high-end and also glossy finish.

What renders this tuba for this reason fascinating is its distinctive 5-valve structure and its category as a contrabass tube, making it best for usage in a symphony orchestra. It has identified itself for its stunning craftsmanship, making that the most expensive tuba in the world.

2. Adams Selected Solo F Tuba


Price: $14,600

The Adams Selected series 5-valve F tuba is well-known for the exquisite intonation and perfected tones. This tool is pertained to as an strongly tested tool by endorsing artists that confirm the clarity and also evenness the this tuba in every registers. Indigenous resounding short notes to beautiful singing high tones, the F-solo attributes a large breadth of decision tones perfect for solo and ensemble practice.

Its bell is built of yellow brass, and also the tool is finished in a stunning silver plating. The bell has a diameter that 420mm, and its five valves room all rotary.

3. Miraphone 281 Firebird 5/4 F Tuba 281G


Price: $14,499

Coming in third for most expensive tuba in the world, the Miraphone 281 Firebird rivals all various other F tubas through its clean resonation and also unsurpassed projection. Right for a soloist, this tube has 6-valves, a distinct quality amongst similar tubas in this class. It’s made v a rotary design, 5-valve for the ideal hand, and also one because that the left.

The Miraphone Firebird is 5/4 in size. Its bell is do of Nickel-Silver Bell Garland, a rare high quality for tubas and most famous in Miraphones.

4. Miraphone 1292 CC 5/4 “New Yorker” Tuba


Price: $13,495

Another exceptional CC tuba is the Miraphone 1292. Produced by Miraphone in teamwork with Alan Baer, the major Tuba player for the new York Philharmonic, the Miraphone 1292 produces moral notes with focused clarity. This is the perfect tuba for all interests varying from large ensembles to solo events.

The 5-valve system has 4 pistons and also 1 rotary with a bell of 470mm. The silver end up polishes this tuba v a high-end look and outranks other tubas through its sophisticated quality.

5. Miraphone M7000L Ambassador EEb Tuba M7000S


Price: $12,949

The Miraphone M7000L is comparable to the brother, the M9000, additionally created by Miraphone. What differentiates this tuba is that it’s one EEb tuba. EEb pitch is unique and also often scheduled for an ensemble or tune that calls for a deep tenor.

The Miraphone M7000 attributes a 4-valve piston system, 3 top, and also 1 side. Due to this structure, the M7000 tuba is ideal for marching and brass band work. The nickel silver- mouthpiece also permits for a quick turnaround of sound and clear intonation.

6. Miraphone 1291 series 4/4 BBb Tuba 1291-4V


Price: $12,219

A compact 4/4 tuba, the Miraphone 1291 series, is similar to the 1292 CC-tuba stated above. This tuba attributes a BBb pitch v a 4-valve piston system. While it may not be as impressive in regards to structure and also playability, its smaller sized size makes it versatile and also capable of numerous playing situations.

With a beautiful lacquer finish, this tuba also produces a large and even sound the suits ensemble or soloist performances.

7. Miraphone 188-5U 4/4 CC Tuba


Price: $11,829

The Miraphone 188-5U collection 5-valve is an enhanced CC tuba with progressed bell tapers and valve activity that produces a more comprehensive and richer sound than previous versions. Its fix up design enables this tuba come exceed expectation in intonation, clarity, and volume.

The Miraphone 188 tuba is excellent for all play situations, whether because that solo performances or grand ensembles. That is a compact dimension at 4/4 and includes 5 rotary valves positioned in ~ the front. The striking brass finish and clear lacquer make this tool a true beauty with impeccable attention to detail.

8. Miraphone 186 series CC Tuba 186- 4VC


Price: $10,639

Similar come the tuba above, the Miraphone 186 is an especially instrument. Claimed to develop the standard “German” sound, the Miraphone 186 tuba features a 4-valve rotary device with a CC pitch. This tuba is great for all playing situations, simply as the variation above. It includes a 17.75″ bell v a nickel silver- garland, a top quality that enlivens and enriches the play experience.

9. Jupiter XO skilled 1680S silver- Plated CC Tuba

Price: $9,499

A responsive and modern-day instrument, the Jupiter XO expert tuba, is a stunning CC tuba with silver plating because that a high-quality finish. This tuba functions improved tonal high quality and intensified projection with the usage of that 17.4″ bell, crafted with sleek stainless steel and also yellow brass.

The Jupiter XO 1680 attributes a 5-valve system (4 pistons and also 1 rotary). The elliptical tuning slides sell ease of playability and quick sensitivity for optimal use. With premium intonation and also a vast tonal range, this tuba by Jupiter XO above expectations.

10. King 2341W collection 4-Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba 2341WS

Price: $8,609

A beloved BBb tuba make of shining yellow brass is the King 2341W. A light dimension at 4/4, this tuba is exceptional, supplying the capability to be played in numerous situations. This tuba is many noticeable because that its affluent intonation and also clear sound. Through a 4-valve former piston system, this tuba offers ease-of-use and quality playability. What provides this tuba significant is the ease with which tuning is made thanks to the front activity valves that market the ability to fine-tune during a performance. This tuba concludes the perform of most expensive tubas in the world.

Tubas: Unique and Grand

The tuba is a low, rich-sounding instrument the evokes beautiful tones the blend harmoniously within any kind of orchestra. As stated above, this tool is well-known for that size and also breadth, do it among the grandest instruments in the brass family.

Like trombones, the quality and also sheer lot of steel that goes into the elaborate production of this instrument is what renders it so an important and irresistible. Lot of valve systems administer exceptional playability and also quality control, when the silver plating and stunning lacquer showcase this instrument’s true beauty.

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Tubists and instrument enthusiasm alike may only revel in the elegance and sophistication the the most expensive tubas in the world. While they sell unparalleled quality of performance, they likewise come with a hefty price tag. However, these brilliant tubas provide a sense of tasteful very nice one that many avid tuba lovers deserve to enjoy.