Welcome to piersonforcongress.com’s Indianapolis Colts Seating Chart. Here we will certainly cover whatever you must know prior to purchasing tickets, including Lucas Oil Stadium chair views, row and also seat numbers, ideal stadium seats, and also where friend can uncover the exact same Indianapolis Colts seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.

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Lucas Oil stadion Seat Details

The 100s – The 100s sections follow me the sidelines typically begin with heat 1 and end through row 23. The 100s part on the corners finish in heat 25, and also the 100s sections in the end zone in heat 35.

Best seat in the 100s – although the best seats because that Indianapolis Colts gamings are subjective, anything between the 30-yard lines is good seats. For the finest view in ~ Lucas Oil Stadium, you desire to sit over the 10th row in sections 111 to 115 and 138 to 142 so girlfriend have sufficient elevation to check out the dram develop.

The 200s – The 200s sections along the sidelines begin with row 1 and also end at row 13. The 200s part on the corners vary in size however typically end in either heat 6 or 13.

Best seats in the 200s – There are no poor seats in the 200s sections. However, if us were to rank the best seats, then that’d walk to ar 240, i m sorry is behind the Colts’ bench. Not just will you have actually a good view that the players and also coaches, however you will likewise have the perfect key to see plays develop.

The 300s v 600s – In the 300s sections the very first row is typically 1 and the last heat is 4. The 400s sections follow the same pattern together the 300s sections other than for the sections in the end zone, which finish at heat 22. The 600s sections typically begin with heat 1 and end with row 20.

Best seats in the 300s-600s – indigenous my an individual experience, ns loved sit in the 600s sections. Not only did I have a great view of the field, however it was straightforward to clock plays develop and also break down. I never felt too far away from the action.

There aren’t any kind of bad seats at Lucas Oil Stadium. If offered the option, the ideal seats in the 300s-600s sections space in any section in between the 30-yard lines.

Lucas Oil Stadium society Seating

The club seating in ~ Lucas Oil stadion is located between the 20 yards currently in the 100 come 400 sections, and also 11-15 and 38-42. Club level seating consists of amenities and privileges consisting of Extra legroom, accessibility to benefit Club and also Faegre Baker Daniels society Lounges, virtually 100 HD televisions v NFL Sunday Ticket, made-to-order food stations, accessibility to VIP entrances, full-service bar, and discounts in ~ the Colts agree Shop.

Indianapolis Colts Bench Location

The Colts bench is situated in front of sections 137-143, and also the visitor’s bench is located in former of part 110-116.

Lucas Oil Stadium’s Retractable Roof

The retractable roof in ~ Lucas Oil stadium boasts the largest opening of all current and also planned NFL stadiums through retractable roofs. The Colts determine whether or no if the roof is come be opened or closeup of the door 90 minutes prior to kickoff. The roof remains open unless precipitation or lightning is within the vicinity of the stadium, the temperature drops listed below 40 levels F (4 levels C), or wind gusts are higher than 40 miles per hour (64km/h), in which case the roof operators will certainly close the roof. As soon as the roof is closed, it may not it is in reopened.

Lucas Oil stadium Reviews

Attended a game at Lucas Oil Stadium and can say without apprehension that this is just one of the nicest football framework I’ve been to. The staff is very friendly, and also the food is an excellent with quite choices. In addition, the restrooms room clean and also convenient…a large plus. Can certainly recommend the you get to Lucas Oil stadion whenever you acquire a chance.” – via Tripadvisor

This is a good stadium with easy accessibility to downtown restaurants and also bars. I’ve never had any type of issue with finding parking either. The nosebleed seats space truly nosebleeds and it’s a steep rise to acquire to the top. I’d splurge and get much better seats if ns were you. I’ve never been with the roof open however I bet it’s quite awesome. Great spot because that the B1G championship. Hope it proceeds to it is in held right here every year!” – via Yelp

Handicapped & ADA Seating at Lucas Oil Stadium

For those who space confined to a wheelchair and/or those spring to attend a game at Lucas Oil Stadium through somebody who is, there is some essential information that you’ll want to know. If you’re search ADA or handicapped seating, you’ll discover that over there are easily accessible rows in ~ the height of many sections in ~ the venue and spread throughout. If necessary, folding chairs will certainly be provided to guests, such together ones looking to sit v a fan confined come a wheelchair. One cheat you deserve to use come filter tickets that space handicapped or ADA accessible is by using our “Additional filters +” button on the occasion page that permit you to select “ADA (wheelchair accessible),” which shows all seats the the seller has significant as handicapped seating.

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