Motown founder Berry Gordy found significant success working v superstar artists under his label. Number of of his eight youngsters followed in his footsteps to seek careers in the to chat industry. Talent operation in the Gordy family’s genes since Berry is likewise a proud grandfather to numerous talented grandkids.

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After offer in the korean War, Berry returned home to the U.S. Come marry his first wife, Thelma Louise Coleman, in 1953. With each other they welcomed 3 children: Hazel joy Gordy, Berry Gordy IV and Terry James Gordy. The couple divorced in 1959 and he married his 2nd wife, Raynoma Singleton, a year later. The couple welcomed their only child together, Kerry Gordy, in 1959. 


Motown took off in 1960 with assist from artists choose Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. Berry and Raynoma operated together at the label prior to their divorce in 1964. Throughout their marriage, the music mogul invited daughter Sherry Gordy v Jeana Jackson. He also welcomed child Kennedy william Gordy in 1964 v Margaret Norton. 

After signing Diana Ross to his label, Berry and also the “Baby Love” singer’s partnership blossomed into a romantic from 1965 to 1970. She provided birth to your daughter, Rhonda Ross, in 1971. The Rock and Roll room of call inductee became a father because that the eighth time v the arrival of Stefan Kendal “Refoo” Gordy with Nancy Leiviska in 1975.


Berry’s eldest daughter, Hazel, married Jackson 5 singer Jermaine Jackson in 1973. The pair welcomed three youngsters together during their marriage: Jermaine La Jaune Jackson Jr., born in 1977, Autumn Joi Jackson, born in 1978 and Jaimy Jermaine Jackson, born in 1987. The pair divorced in 1988. 

Berry IV also welcomed two talented kids with his wife, Valerie Robeson, that ventured right into the music industry. Boy Sky Blu and daughter Mahogany Lox were destined because that stardom. That is unsure if terrycloth had any kind of children together he has remained out of the spotlight for many of his life.

Kerry came to be a dad to daughter Juliet Gordy with wife Karen Longley Gordy, and Rhonda is a doting mom to she son, Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick, with her husband, Rodney Kendrick. According to Sherry’s website, she likewise became a mother and also a grandmother, however, the names of her children are not known to the public.

Keep scrolling to meet some of Berry’s talented grandchildren. 


Jermaine La Jaune Jackson Jr.

Berry’s grandson Jermaine Jr. Is dating Shahs the Sunset alum Asa Soltan Rahmati. In January 2017, the couple welcomed their very first child together, kid Soltan. 


Autumn Joi Jackson

Autumn has actually been photographed top top the red carpet supporting her grandfather’s countless achievements. In 2003, she joined Berry and also her older brother, Jermaine Jr., at the 34th Songwriters hall of Fame occasion in new York. 


Jaimy Jermaine Jackson 

Jaimy pursued a career in IT and also has continued to be out of the spotlight for most of his life. 

Skylar Austen ‘Sky Blu’ Gordy

Sky Blu, born in 1986, teamed up v his uncle Redfoo to kind the music duo LMFAO in 2006. Their an initial album, Party Rock, was released in 2009 with Interscope Records. The group also saw success through their second album, Sorry for Party Rocking, special hits like “Party rock Anthem” and also “Champagne Showers.” The rapper additionally released 2 solo albums, 2013’s Rebel Music and 2016’s Fxck Yeah: Chaos come Consciousness. 

Mahogany Cheyenne ‘Lox’ Gordy

Mahogany, born in 1994, has done whatever from acting, hosting, DJing, modeling and singing. In 2015, she joined 5th Harmony’s Reflection tour as among the opened acts. Her 2015 single, “Boom,” went viral on YouTube. The beauty later landed several collection on facebook Watch. The society media influencer has come to be a brand ambassador because that companies favor Timberland and Journeys and garnered numerous followers on all social platforms. 

Juliet Gordy

Juliet, born in 2000, became an actress and portrayed Leah in the Netflix collection Soundtrack. In November 2018, she to visit Le Bal in Paris to help raise money for several charities, along with forest Whitaker’s daughter True Whitaker.

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“We’ve raised Juliet to it is in a compassionate an international citizen,” her mommy told The St. Luigi American at the time. “She’s a establishing member of Young Ambassadors that UNICEF, a group which developed a task to eliminate maternal and also natal tetanus throughout Africa. Keep up the great work, Juliet!”

Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick

Raif, born in 2009, came to be an net sensation after showing up at the Grammy Awards in 2019. The youngster got up on stage to present his grandmother prior to she put on an iconic performance to celebrate her 75th birthday. 

“She is amazing,” he said about Diana. “And young people, like me, deserve to look approximately her for her independence, confidence and also her willingness to it is in her distinct self. She has shown the world that naught is past our reach.”

He has also joined the music legend on stage throughout several of she performances in the past to show off his dance moves. Raif speaks four different languages: English, French, Mandarin and also Spanish.