You may have air in her head or lead in her butt, however chances space that most of her body parts weigh the very same as the following guy"s. The diagram listed below shows how a man of about 180 pounds have the right to be damaged down by weight.

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1. Blood, water, and also lymph system: 100 poundsEquivalent of: filled 10-gallon aquarium

2. Bones: 21 poundsEquivalent of: Road bike

3. Brain: 2.5 poundsEquivalent of: Merriam Webster"s Collegiate Dictionary

4. Heart: 0.25 poundsEquivalent of: Burger King twin Whopper

5. Various other Muscles (Everything from your stomach to your biceps): 52 poundsEquivalent of: A tiny boxing heavy bag

6. Carotid-Artery wall surfaces (in the Neck): 20 milligramsEquivalent of: Half that a staple

7. Kidneys: Half poundEquivalent of: A little chili at Wendy"s

8. Liver: 3.25 poundsEquivalent of: Four 12-ounce cans of Budweiser

9. Lungs: 1.8 poundsEquivalent of: A basketball and also a football

10. Pancreas: 0.2 poundEquivalent of: 28 street packets

11. Prostate: 18 to 20 grams, or just barely an ounceEquivalent of: About three cherry tomatoes

12. Skin: 12 poundsEquivalent of: The clothes you"re wearing, plus heavy boots and also an overcoat

13. Spinal Cord (Nerves, no Bone): 1 ounceEquivalent of: A short phone cord

14. Testicles: Less 보다 2 ouncesEquivalent of: Two squash balls

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