top top a field trip to Philadelphia together a boy I checked out Betsy Ross" house. Ns was just 11 in ~ the time and yet mine head almost reached the ceiling. The tour guide said the Americans provided to be much shorter than they are now, and so their residences reflected this, v comparatively low ceilings. Go the old Romans leave a record of the average height of men and also women during any period (Republican, Imperial)?



It was probably about 155cm because that women, and about 168cm for men. We have straight evidence for this from analysing the skeletal stays of the Romans. Because that example, in a research <1> of 927 adult male roman inn skeletons between 500 B.C. And A.D. 500, Professor Geoffrey Kron that the university of Victoria uncovered an median of 168cm.

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This is corroborated by remains discovered at the old towns that Herculaneum and Pompeii. Both cities were infamously damaged by the A.D. 79 eruption of mount Vesuvius. A study of the continues to be left by your unfortunate Roman citizens tell us that:

The major samples indigenous Herculaneum and Pompeii expose the stature the the ancient adult body. The average height for females to be calculated indigenous the data to have been 155 cm in Herculaneum and 154 cm in Pompeii: the for males was 169 cm in Herculaneum and 166 cm in Pompeii. This is somewhat greater than the average height of modern Neapolitans in the 1960s and around 10 cm shorter than the WHO referrals for modern world populations.

- Laurence, Ray. "Health and also the Life food at Herculaneum and also Pompeii." Health in Antiquity. Ed. Helen King. London: Routledge, 2005.

Notice how two adjoining Roman communities nonetheless created slightly different average heights. Over there will naturally be variations like this at various Roman settlements and also at different time periods in Rome"s prolonged Moreover, elevation can likewise be impacted by diet, and also thus there would certainly probably have been some differences between different great or groups of Romans, too.

We do also have some historical evidence, particularly from the height measurements of roman inn soldiers. Soldiers more than likely would have actually been higher than civilians in general, though the results carry out seems usually in line v the skeletal remains:

Imperial regulations, despite not totally unambiguous, imply that the minimum height for new recruits was 5 Roman feet, 7 inches (165 cm., 5"5") ... Because that the military as a entirety a reasonable calculation of a soldier"s average height is roughly 170 centimeter (5"7").

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- Roth, Jonathan, and also Jonathan P. Roth. The Logistics of the Roman military at War: 264 BC-AD 235. Columbia research studies in the classical tradition, Vol. 23. Brill, 1999.

<1>: Kron, Geoffrey. "Anthropometry, physical anthropology, and the repair of old health, nutrition, and also living standards." Historia: Zeitschrift hair Alte Geschichte (2005): 68-83.