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Perhaps this concern has pertained to your attention, how hot does hardwood burn? Is over there a certain temperature in which the lumber starts burning? Basically, what is the temperature the the fire flame resulted in by burn wood?

It’s not easy to answer these questions. Yet in this article, we have tried to offer a finish answer to questions favor these.

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What Is burning of Wood?

Burning or combustion is a chemistry process.

For plenty of years, it was believed that the firing process should be defined by the concept called the “fire triangle“.

This concept indicated that three facets were necessary to create and also continue the fire: oxygen, heat and a source that fuel.

In recent years, the fire triangle has actually been replaced by a fire pyramid. In this concept, one more element added to the facets known together the Chemical Chain Reaction.

Oxygen In The Fire Pyramid:

In the situation of oxygen, the waiting is the many common resource of oxygen and also has 21 percent oxygen content. It should be listed that oxygen sources can also include oxidizing agents.

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Fuel In The Fire Pyramid:

The fuel intended because that the fire should be flammable. Together you know, wood is just one of the most famed natural fuels.

Fire Pyramid

Fire brought about By burn Wood

To price the question of how hot does timber burn, We an initial need to know what is fire?

Now we know that the fire is made of a large number that elements and certainly there is no basic definition!

In most cases, the fire is a hot mixture that gases; and also the fire is the an outcome of a chemistry reaction, which is mainly lugged out in between air oxygen and fuel choose wood. Watch what is timber made of?

The an outcome of this reaction is carbon dioxide, steam, light and also heat.

Wood combustion Products:

NitrogenCarbon monoxideCarbon dioxideSteam

But what happens once wood burns? Let’s examine the stages of burning of hardwood together.

Stages of combustion of wood

1- warmth up come 120 Celsius levels (248 Fahrenheit degrees)

Wood does no burn in ~ 120 ° C, yet gradually transforms intocharcoal.

2- Increased warm to 260 come 450 Celsius degrees (500 to 842 Fahrenheit degrees).

As the temperature increases, the hardwood starts to smoke and also burn. At this point, the fire turns on v yellow light.

3- warm from 450 to 620 Celsius levels (842 come 1148 Fahrenheit degrees).

At this temperature most wood kinds come in full combustion.

4- Charcoal burning

When the wood turns to charcoal, its temperature deserve to be roughly 1100 Celsius levels (2012 Fahrenheit degrees).

The Maximum hardwood Burning Temperature In The Stove

Various factors influence thetemperature of a stove.

Factors that identify thetemperature the a stove space as follows:

Wood typeWood moistureAmount of waiting entering the furnace

Wood kinds are additionally different: density, structure, and the ingredient of the resin and its amount. All of these determinants directly influence the lot of heat, the nature that the flame and the combustion temperature.

For example, spruce wood burns with a really light flame, however its maximum burning temperature is only 500 ° C (932 Fahrenheit degrees), and also this is not sufficient for heating.

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But as soon as burning such types as ash wood or hornbeam wood, the temperature is over 1000 Celsius levels (1832 Fahrenheit degrees) that helps to warmth up.

On the various other hand, the moisture content of the wood affects its quantity of heat. As far as the firewood dried burns hotter.

If the humidity the firewoods increases by at least 15%, their heat emission will be diminished by an mean of 3,660 calories, and this is crucial difference.

About this situation see the finest firewood for fireplaces.

Also, much more air will make the stove hotter. The temperature different in different places that the stove.

The upper component of the range is generally hotter. The temperature can be approximately 850 Celsius degrees (1562 Fahrenheit degrees) in the center of a stove. Compare this temperature with iron melting temperature in ~ 1538 ° C.

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In this article, we observed that in ~ 260 come 450 Celsius degrees (500 to 842 Fahrenheit degrees), almost every sort of hardwood burns and fire flames have the right to reach to 620 Celsius degrees (842 come 1148 Fahrenheit degrees). Come answer the question of how warm does timber burn, it need to be claimed that it counts on several components such as:

Amount of oxygenAmount of humidity of woodKind that wood

But generally, it can be said the temperature have the right to be approximately 850 Celsius degrees (1562 Fahrenheit degrees) in the center of a stove.