If girlfriend are analysis this article, odds room you space wondering what’s the best means to save your recently-bought fabricated urine. Nothing worry. Us understand and also are below to help.

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We tracked down the web’s most common questions around the process of freezing pee and brought them to one place. The way, you can gain the answers girlfriend need, quickly and also easily.

So, without additional ado, right here is your overview to freezing urine.

When must You freeze Urine?

There is no time choose the present. If girlfriend haven’t frozen your pee already, we suggest you do it right now. Or, maybe you should wait until after you check out our ar on “How do You freeze Urine?”

There space two factors you desire to freeze your pee as quickly as possible. The first reason is to carry out you the maximum lot of time come prepare for any screenings. The way, you have actually clean samples ~ above hand rather of stressing the end over last-minute details.

The 2nd reason is that human urine is a complex ecosystem of microbe that will certainly degrade end time.

According come a record by Dutch researchers J. Gijs Juenen and also Wil N. Knonings: “At a temperature between 5 and 40 °C and also a usually pH (4.5–8.5) microorganisms deserve to multiply at really high prices with generation times together low together 30 min.

As a result, a single bacterium can increase come 109 cells in 15 hours.”

What this way in layman’s state is the the longer you leave her urine at room temperature, the less likely the is come resemble passable urine.

Even despite urine is sterile, there is the possibility that bacterium from the urinal tract or air-borne fungi might contaminate the sample, multiply, and ruin the result. Lengthy story short, freeze her urine immediately.

How carry out You freeze Urine?

Believe it or not, there are actually much more tricks and also nuances to freezing pee than you might think. There are plenty of factors come consider, such as the container’s composition and also size, and when girlfriend actually place the sample in the freezer. Let’s start with picking the ideal container.

Choose something heavy duty. Automatically eliminate anything involving thin glass or porous materials. Your finest bets space things the work likewise to urine collection containers, such as water party and particular deli containers.

When it comes to picking the dimension of the container, select something between 8 and 16 ounces. This spaciousness gives you enough room for an enough sample dimension without acquisition up a lot of of space in your freezer.

Also, remember the liquid expands when it freezes, so carry out not to fill the container every the method to the top.

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