There room multiple groups who use the word “Scorpions” in their title, for instance the black color Scorpions and also Red Scorpions. This article is related to the Detroit founded club only.

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Scorpions MC clubhouse Detroit Michigan

Scorpions MC spot / Motto / Colors

The Scorpions Motorcycle Club logo design is height view the a scorpion.

The colors provided by the Scorpions Motorcycle Club space black and also white.

Scorpions MC clubhouse Wichita falls TexasScorpions Coldwater chapter (Burlington), MichiganScorpions Dallas Chapter, TexasScorpions Detroit Chapter, Michigan (Mother Chapter)Scorpions pistol Barrel County chapter (Kemp), TexasScorpions Illinois thing (Wilmington), IllinoisScorpions McKinney Chapter, TexasScorpions Monroe County thing (Exeter Township), MichiganScorpions north Carolina thing (Sanford), north CarolinaScorpions northern Michigan chapter (Grawn), MichiganScorpions Oakland County chapter (South Lyon), MichiganScorpions Ridgeway Chapter, VirginiaScorpions southern Dallas chapter (Ferris), TexasScorpions Texarkana Chapter, ArkansasScorpions Virginia chapter (Danville), VirginiaScorpions Wichita falls Chapter, Texas
Scorpions MC clubhouse total Barrel county Texas

Scorpions MC Crime / In The Media

1995 – 12 October, 1995. Scorpions members Steven Nystie and Edward Clancy, along with Richard Weed and also Jimmie McCoy who were members the the American breed MC, are convicted of conspiracy, possession the drugs with intent to sell and interstate take trip to distribution drugs. Scorpions member Wayne Farmer is acquitted of being part of a conspiracy to distribution methamphetamine. Lock were thought to all have been working for Alvin McCarver II, who is additionally known by the surname “Magoo”, a member that the American breed MC that was believed to be running a big meth operation throughout Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and also Missouri where between 1987 and also 1992 he sold over 600 pounds of meth including a total of end 150 pounds that meth to the 4 defendants in ~ $15,000 per pound.

2007 – 8 September, 2007. A fight division out at the parking lot of the Red Dog Saloon in Milford, Michigan between Forbidden Wheels and also Avengers MC after attending a pig roast organized by Scorpions MC. That is believed that members the the Avengers to be attempting to run the Forbidden wheels members off the road. Four world are stabbed in the fight. The Pig Roast is an annual event hosted by the Scorpions.

2009 – 9 April, 2009. Saul Carrion Reyes was at a bar in Ferris, Texas and also had an debate with a member of the Scorpions Motorcycle Club, he was left bleeding and also the windshield that his brother’s automobile was smashed. Accused he to be hit v a pistol during the fight.

2009 – 10 April, 2009. Saul Carrion Reyes follows Michael Wayne Owensby, a member that the Scorpions. That shoots him dead v a revolver, leaving the on the next of the roadway with a gunshot wound come the neck. That is sentenced come life in prison and also at the time of creating is offer his time at the Allred Unit located near Wichita Falls, Texas.

Scorpions MC Books / movies / TV

No publications specifically written about Scorpions MC are accessible for united state to recommend.

Instead you may be interested in viewing our perform of outlaw motorcycle society books.

The Scorpions are pointed out briefly in the below general publications on outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Biker Gangs and Organized Crime by cutting board Barker. Watch this book on Amazon (link opens up in a new window).

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The One Percenter Encyclopedia invoice Hayes

Scorpions MC Enemies and Allies

Scorpions MC enemies:

To it is in confirmed

Scorpions MC allies:

American breed MC

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