Mississippi alcohol laws might surprise. The state has a strong temperance history. But it’s state-wide alcohol laws are in the US mainstream.

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Mississippi has a long temperance tradition. It had state-wide prohibition long before the rest of the country.

It was also the first to ratify National Prohibition (1920-1933). After Repeal it long kept its own prohibition. After that, it “reaffirmed prohibition.”

But it permits local option. Today, about half of the state’s counties are “dry.” Also, state alcohol laws prohibit bringing alcohol through a dry county while traveling.

I. Minimum Age Laws

Many young people want part-time jobs. Many are in hospitality. Some involve selling or serving alcohol. What age is needed to serve alcohol in a restaurant? How about about for tending bar? What is it for selling alcohol for consumption off-site?

Mississippi alcohol laws permit adults to be servers in venues selling alcohol for drinking on-site. That is, the minimum age is 18. They require persons to be at least 21 to tend bar. The same to sell alcohol for drinking off-site

Those 18 or older may drink beer or light wine in private locations. A parent, guardian, or spouse must furnish it. It does not permit them to drink distilled spirits. That’s rum, vodka, tequila, gin, bourbon, scotch, etc.

III. Resources on Mississippi Alcohol Law

Use these to find more information.

IV. Get Legal Advice on Drinking Laws in Mississippi

Mississippi alcohol laws can be confusing. This is true in all states. It takes legal training to interpret them. Lawyers spend years in study. Don’t rely on this site. Nor on any other site.

Friends may give advice. Neighbors may give advice. Co-workers may give advice. Even family members may give advice. Smile and thank them. Then ignore what they say. It’s the wise thing to do. Their advice is worth what you paid for it. That is, nothing.

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Get information and advice about Mississippi alcohol laws from an expert. That’s a lawyer holding a license in the state. It’ wise.