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by Jack SeabrookHe is gone where the woodbine twineth,With the vine ~ above the ivied wall,"Neath the the shade of the weeping willow,Where its long drooping branches fallRemember climate the soldier,Ones noble and also so brave,And actors thy tiny tokenA flowret ~ above his grave(from "Gone whereby the Woodbine Twineth" by Septimus Winner, 1870)"they don’t have actually harvesters any more; they’ve gone whereby the woodbine twineth"(from Life ~ above the Mississippi by note Twain, 1883)The phrase "where the woodbine twineth" seems to have remained in use in the latter part of the nineteenth century. In Winner"s poem, it says death, while in Twain"s rigid it suggests obsolescence. Davis Grubb supplied the phrase in his quick story, "You Never think Me," which was an initial published in the February 1964 worry of Ellery Queen"s secret Magazineand climate reprinted together "Where the Woodbine Twineth" in Grubb"s collection, Twelve tales of Suspense and also the Supernatural, likewise published in 1964. It is probable the this publication is where the producers of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour found the story, because the collection additionally included "Return that Verge Likens," Grubb"s other contribution come the TV series.

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"You Never think Me"was an initial published here
The story concerns a woman named Nell and her five-year-old niece, Eva, who parents room dead. Nell worries about Eva, that likes to play v her imagine friends, such as Mr. Peppercorn; Nell reads to she from sober volumes prefer The Pilgrim"s Progressand tries come instill the should make herself helpful in life. One day, Nell"s father comes home from a steamboat trip to brand-new Orleans, happen a black doll together a gift because that Eva. The child claims the doll is called Numa, and that her arrival had actually been foretold by Mr. Peppercorn. Numa becomes Eva"s playmate and also Nell thinks she hears 2 voices as soon as Eva plays v her doll. Eva speak Suse, "the old black woman," the if "Aunt Nell ever before makes her go away she"ll take it me v her . . . Where the woodbine twineth." Eva speak Suse that sometimes she and also Numa change places.One evening, Nell is details that she sees another child playing external with Eva, however the child simply tells her the "You never believe me---." Nell take away the doll away as punishment, ignoring Eva"s cries reminding her of Numa"s threat. A main later, Nell finds the doll gone and also goes outside to whip Eva. Under a tree, she finds a black child with Numa"s doll crate in she lap. Nell chases the girl away and picks up the box, but when she looks inside she sees not the black color doll, Numa, yet rather a white doll that resembles Eva.When and also where go this story take place? the moment is never specified, yet context clues strongly suggest the later on years that the 19th century. The surname Nell and Eva room old-fashioned and the black color servants, Suse and also Jessie, speak of "old times before the war." Eva"s grandfather comes from brand-new Orleans by steamboat and also the parlor is lit by gaslight. Nell has actually a pianola (player piano) and these were well-known from the 1880s through the an initial world war. At one point, the characters watch the evening packet pass on the river; a packet was a watercraft that traveled at consistent intervals to deliver mail. In the story, Eva sits on the actions of the ice cream house and there is additionally mention that a meat house. Ns think the an argument can be made for just around any date from the 1880s until about 1910; the story appears to occur prior to the first world war.
First edition
As because that place, the family members is stated to live close to the river and also Captain King come from brand-new Orleans by steamboat and also docks in ~ Cresap"s Landing. This was additionally the ar of Davis Grubb"s novel, Night the the Hunter; the is situated on the Ohio flow on the West Virginia side, in that tiny strip of land where West Virginia pole up in between Pennsylvania and also Ohio. This is Marshall County, whose county chair is Moundsville, where Davis Grubb was born. Choose "Revenge that Verge Likens," "Where the Woodbine Twineth" is collection in the country, back the family has more in typical economically through Riley McGrath of the story than through the Likens clan.Like that earlier adaptation of a Davis Grubb brief story, this one was adapted for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour by James Bridges, that was fast ending up being a poet of country folk. The TV show an initial aired on NBC top top Monday, January 11, 1965, halfway v the final season. Once again, Bridges starts the teleplay by portraying events that occur before the start of the story ~ above which that is based. In the first scene, the funeral of Eva"s father is shown and the emphasis is top top the fidgety child, dressed in black. There is a dissolve come a step of the funeral party showing up home in a contemporary automobile, which shows right away that the story has actually been updated come 1965 native the turn of the century setup of Grubb"s tale. Eva is being carried to her brand-new home and Nell mirrors her the bedroom where she will sleep, commenting the it had been her father"s room. The kid asks she aunt around her dead father and also has questions around death; this is her an initial reference to she imaginary girlfriend Mingo, and Nell"s challenge shows concern for the child.A domestic scene adheres to in the parlor, through Captain King reading while Nell payment bills. Despite he argues taking Eva come live through her mother"s relatives, Nell insurance claims to welcome the possibility to care for the child: she is one old maid who stayed residence to care for her mom until she died, climate deferred her own desires as she watched her brother do a life for himself. Bridges fleshes the end the character of Nell in the teleplay and turns her right into a sympathetic figure.
Margaret Leighton together Nell
Afraid the the dark, Eva asks Nell to stay with her and the 2 share a bed. Eva speak Nell that she must meet Mingo, a female creature who deserve to live in a bird cage and also has a fox for a horse. Nell admits the she think Mingo is a figment the the child"s imagination and also Eva realizes that, like her own father prior to his death, Nell go not believe Eva is gift truthful. Nell wakes increase in the center of the night and finds Eva in the closet, playing hide and also seek through Mingo. Nell order the tiny girl earlier to bed and also criticizes she for talk back. Eva says that Mingo told her she experienced Eva"s parental dancing together down in the ground--by every indications, she is a kid attempting to process the death of her parents by means of an imaginary friend.The following day, Eva helps Suse clean house and again discusses she imaginary friends. Unequal Nell, Suse is tolerant and also accepts the child"s stories without question. Nell overhears Eva asking Suse if Nell is one old maid and also we have the right to sense the an initial twinges that Nell"s jealousy that the relationship in between the child and also the black servant. Later, Nell hears Eva playing and investigates, and this is wherein the TV present picks up through the start of the short story. An debate ensues in between aunt and niece and also Nell pushes an umbrella under the Davenport to present Eva that her small friends room not yes, really there. The boy angrily accuses her aunt the making her friends go away.
Eileen Baral as Eva
In a later on scene, Eva hides in the loft of one out-building; Suse speak to her and also Eva responds in a ghostly voice. When again, Suse go not dispute Eva"s stories of she friends, instead indulging her with a smile. When Eva"s grand returns, Nell is visibly sad to check out Eva"s pleasure at the man"s arrival; Nell is jealous yet does not have any type of experience increasing a daughter, much much less one who has actually been traumatized by the death of she parents. Nell to compare her very own childhood to the of Eva and believes that she was disciplined harshly; this is the only model she has actually to guide her in just how to resolve the small girl. By failing to express support for a id in Eva"s world, Nell loses connection with the child. The spinster aunt is can not to expropriate that Eva is a kid with her very own perspective and tries to traction her towards her adult world.The an initial real sign of a supernatural event comes in a creepy, effective scene wherein Eva takes Numa under her bed covers to play and also we suddenly see the overview of two figures bouncing happily under the blanket. Because that a moment, that sounds like the voices of two separate small girls. Later, Nell comes residence and additionally hears two voices together Eva plays through Numa outside. Nell bring away the doll as punishment and also Eva says "I hate you" and also tells Nell come "shut up," trying to bite the woman"s shoulder. Nell take away Eva, who screams and runs to Suse because that comfort. Suddenly, the pianola starts come play, Numa in a box perched atop it. Nell is frightened and calls to Jessie for help; the comes and repairs the machine. Eva is sent out to she room there is no supper. Again, by taking away the doll and banishing the child, Nell supplies the sort of old-fashioned disciplinary approaches that she remembers native her own childhood, yet they will backfire horribly in this people of trauma and the supernatural.
Carl Benton Reid as Capt. King
Nell goes out for the night after asking Suse if she is being too strict on the child and then comment her very own question come her very own satisfaction. Nell take away dinner up to Eva"s room and, ~ she has actually gone, the child sneaks out and gains entrance to the locked parlor. Suse hears the pianola all of sudden erupt into song again. The earlier shot of the two numbers under the blanket, the feeling that we hear 2 childish voices at play, and also the eruption the the musical instrument right into song add an enig and fright come the story, as if Numa has the ability to come to life and even to manage inanimate objects. Nell comes home and sees Numa unable to do from she spot atop the pianola. Outside, in the dark, Nell seeks out Eva and also again hears 2 girls playing together. She approaches a clearing under a large tree and, because that the very first time, she (and we) clearly see Eva and Nell as two live girls play together, yet the shoot of lock is so brief that we could easily doubt what we saw. Nell approaches and also finds Numa, alone and also leaning end the doll box. She chases Numa off and the girl appears to be trying to say something yet unable to, together if she lives in a human being of childhood and also cannot speak to an adult. In Grubb"s story, this is expressed together Numa having "a grief for which it had actually no tongue," the grief gift at the removal of Eva from the world of the living by Nell"s actions.Nell has actually expressed her thought that the kid is one who lives by the river and that she is someone v whom Eva must not play. Numa provides a look earlier before to run off. Nell finds the doll the resembles Eva and also screams; she runs turn off with package to look because that Numa and also beg she to come back, dropping the box as she runs. The camera lingers top top the face of the doll prior to Nell returns and cradles the doll in her arms, calling her Eva and also crying for her lost daughter. The display ends top top a haunting shot of the doll"s face.

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Juanita Moore together Suse
Is this yes, really a superordinary tale, or is the symbolic of miscellaneous else, possibly the fatality of the unloved child and the attempt by the aunt to place the blame anywhere but on herself? that is a tragic story as created by James Bridges and, once again, he has taken a great short story and also transformed it right into something more, a meditation ~ above childhood trauma and also misunderstanding between an adult and also a child. In the early scene, in ~ the funeral, Eva shows up to it is in in shock. Nell seems to take she in out of a sense of duty but appears wholly unable to understand and accept the child"s need to make sense of she parents" deaths and her new living situation, rather falling back on patterns of behavior and discipline the seem to be misplaced. In the end, Nell"s worst fears space realized, together the kid she want to love disappears from she life forever and she is left v the expertise that she journey the small girl away.One the the many strengths that "Where the Woodbine Twineth" is its music score by boy name Herrmann (1911-1975). The music sets the scene together it dram under the opening credits, a haunting design template in waltz time played by woodwinds. The score proceeds on and also off throughout the episode and contributes considerably to the mood. This was one of seventeen episodes of The Alfred Hitchcock Hourto be score by Herrmann; others contained "Behind the Locked Door" and also "The Jar."
Joel Fluellen as Jessie
The present is fine directed by Alf Kjellin (1920-1988), who does especially great work with the kid actress. He command twelve episodes of the Hitchcock series; the critical examined right here was "A Tangled Web," the very first with a manuscript by James Bridges.Davis Grubb (1919-1980), that wrote the short story, likewise wrote the story the was adapted for "Return of Verge Likens." These to be the only two illustration of the Hitchcock present to attribute his work.Margaret Leighton (1922-1976) plays Nell, the spinster aunt. She career on stage and on film started in 1938, and she won two Tony Awards for ideal Actress in she career. She began showing up in TV mirrors in 1951 and also worked as much as her untimely death. She had a function in Hitchcock"s Under Capricorn(1949) and also was in one various other episode of the half-hour series.
Lila Perry together Numa
Eva, the small girl, is played by Eileen Baral (1955- ). The boy in the story is five years old. In the TV show, she is 6 years old. Baral to be nine year old once the illustration was filmed, yet she convincingly dram a girl 3 years younger 보다 herself. She had actually a brief career, extending the year from 1964 to 1972, and all but one of she credits space for TV shows.Captain King, Nell"s father and Eva"s grandfather, is played by Carl Benton Reid (1893-1973), who started out top top Broadway in 1929 before moving into films in 1941 and TV in 1949. He retirement from the screen in 1966 after showing up in 3 episodes the The Alfred Hitchcock Hour;the various other two to be "The Jar" and "Run because that Doom." the was likewise seen on Thriller.Juanita Moore (1914-2014) dram Suse, the black color servant that is Eva"s closest adult friend. Moore"s long career on display screen stretched from 1939 to 2001 and her most notable function was in Douglas Sirk"s Imitation the Life(1959). She was in 4 episodes the the Hitchcock show, including "The Gentleman Caller."
Numa as a doll
Also in Imitation that Lifewas Joel Fluellen (1907-1990), that plays Jessie, Suse"s husband. Despite his job on display screen lasted from 1937 to 1986, this was his only appearance top top the Hitchcock show.Finally, Lila Perry plays Numa as a human; she does no speak in her short scene and also this was the an initial of four TV credits provided in IMDb from 1965 to 1976."Where the Woodbine Twineth" is not obtainable on DVD or online, however you deserve to watch a scene from the here. MeTV has switched earlier to airing two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock presents every weeknight and also one illustration of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour every Sunday night, therefore it will be a while prior to this episode airs. You have the right to read Grubb"s story online here.Sources: