The Blonde hottie indigenous the Magic Mike, Alex is no doubt a graceful young actor, whose successful career in modeling command him come the ‘camera, light and action’ world. He has been into Hollywood controversies plenty of times after ~ making some weird statements about it lately, but the young actor has constantly been into the limelight as result of his handsome look and also style. He has a an excellent variety that tattoos installed on his skin.

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1. Celtic cross on his ideal Chest Area


Tattoo: Celtic Cross

Meaning: Pettyfer has actually inked a Celtic cross on the ideal side that his chest. That is in dark green and also blue shades and has a swirling serpent to its reduced side.

2. Tibetian manuscript on his best Arm


Tattoo: Tibetian Script

Meaning: Alex has actually tattooed a Tibetian script ~ above his best forearm.

3. “What Goes approximately Comes Around” top top his best Shoulder


Tattoo: ‘What Goes roughly Comes Around’

Meaning: Alex has inked his right shoulder with the expression ‘what goes about comes around.’ In one interview, he said, ” ns am a large believer the karma, and also this is my favorite tattoo on mine shoulder, however 90 percent of people say, Isn’t Justin Timberlake’s song? I go a movie through Justin and also told him, “you space a f***ing pains in mine a** mate!”

4. Interlinking Hearts through Letters ER in them on his best Wrist


Tattoo: Interlinking Heart with letters ER within them

Meaning: Alex has a tiny and beautiful tattoo inked on his appropriate wrist which has two interlinked hearts through letter E and R inside them. ER stands for his ex-girlfriend surname Emma Roberts.

5. EMMA ~ above his Ring Finger


Tattoo: EMMA

Meaning: Alex had tattooed the name of Emma top top his ring finger when they were date each other. ~ a couple of months that dating, lock parted your ways. In one interview v Glamour UK, he spoke of no regrets the still having these tattoos inked top top his skin. He said, “I acquired a girl surname tattooed on mine ring finger due to the fact that I remained in love. We have broken up, yet I not live in regrets“.

6. Blood, squid & Fire Tattoo on his back


Tattoo: gigantic BLOOD, squid & FIRE tattoo with fifty percent faced women

Meaning: Alex has obtained his ago inked v a massive, elaborate tattoo that has actually covered the bulk of his back. The has got this tattoo to encourage his manufacturing company, Upturn Productions. The octopus depicts the publication title, “BLOOD, octopus & FIRE” with the lower fifty percent of the women face.

7. Little Lamb on his Left Wrist


Tattoo: Little lamb

Meaning: Alex has tattoed little lamb top top his left wrist in beautiful cursive handwriting.

8. Portrait of two children on his ideal Forearm


Tattoo: Portrait of two youngsters lying down

Meaning: Alex has actually a portrait the two youngsters lying on the floor inked ~ above his ideal forearm.

9. Winnie-the-Pooh on his appropriate Wrist


Tattoo: Cartoonish depiction

Meaning: Alex has cartoonish depiction inked top top his best wrist. The tattoo has Winnie-the-Pooh the town hall the sky and a bonfire in front of it.

10. Bird ~ above his best Arm


Tattoo: A flying Bird

Meaning: Alex has inked a flying bird on his right arm which resembles eagle or vulture.

11. Lady’s challenge on his ideal upper arm


Tattoo: challenge of a Lady

Meaning: Alex has the challenge of a lady wearing a scarf or a hat tattooed top top his inner side of the right upper arm.

12. Katakana manuscript on his reduced Abdomen


Tattoo: Katakana Japanese script

Meaning: Alex has actually inked a tattoo top top his lower abdomen. The tattoo is in Japanese katakana script i beg your pardon is his name, Alex.

13. A baby face on his Left Forearm


Tattoo: A confront of the Baby

Meaning: Alex has tattoed a challenge of a baby on his left forearm. The Tattoo Artist, Andrew_the_kid ink this tattoo.

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14. A male sitting on a chair on his best upper arm


Tattoo: male sitting ~ above a chair

Meaning: Alex has actually a tattoo the a guy sitting on a chair top top the external side of his appropriate forearm.