The Pipe sign (vertical bar) is supplied as the prize for pure value. It is 2 vertical straight bars surrounding the number or expression because that which you great to indicate absolute value. For Example, |8| = 8 means the absolute value of 8 is 8.

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In today’s article, you’ll learn exactly how to usage some keyboard (or alt code) shortcuts to do or form the Absolute value Symbol (text) all over like Word/Excel using any kind of PC.

Just before we begin, I’ll choose to tell you the you can also use the button listed below to copy and also paste this sign right into your job-related for free.

However, if you simply want to form this price on her keyboard, the actionable steps listed below will present you how.

Note: on the standard keyboard, the Absolute worth symbol is inserted on the same vital as the backslash key. So, to form this symbol, push down the shift crucial and fight one top top the backslash an essential (Shift+). However, if girlfriend can’t find the backslash vital on your version of the keyboard, read down below for all the alternative methods to type this symbol utilizing the keyboard.

Absolute worth Symbol <|> quick Guide

To form the Absolute worth Symbol ~ above Keyboard, press Down the Alt crucial and form 124 using the numeric keypad, climate let go of the Alt key.

The below table consists of all the info you need to kind this price on the keyboard.

Symbol NameVertical Line
Absolute worth Symbol Text|
Absolute worth Symbol Alt Code124
Shortcut for WindowsAlt + 124
Shortcut because that Word007C, Alt+X

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The prize dialog box will appear.

Type 007C in the Character Code: box. The prize will appear selected.Click top top the Insert button. Alternatively, dual click top top the symbol come insert it into your word document.
Close the dialog.

The symbol will certainly then it is in inserted exactly where you inserted the insertion pointer.

These are the procedures you might use come insert the Absolute value Symbol in Word.


As you deserve to see, there room several different methods you deserve to use to type the Absolute worth Symbol text in Microsoft Word.

Using shortcut makes the fastest choice for this task. Shortcuts are always fast.

Thank you really much for analysis this blog.

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If you have anything thing to say or concerns to ask concerning the Absolute worth sign, you re welcome drop the in the comments.