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Final Test for Eddie Meeks.

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The check is comprised of 50 multiple selection questions. The food DMV requires you to answer at least 40 questions correctly. The test will be instantly scored after you answer all 50 questions. Take her time and also thank girlfriend for choosing piersonforcongress.com.

1) If you check out a long line of dare approaching indigenous the other direction

A: overlook it, its really normalB: relocate to the best edge of her laneC: flash her bright lightsD: protect against and enable them come passE: honk and also wave

2) traffic deaths would certainly decrease if chauffeurs started treating their car like

A: cream puffsB: gyeongju carsC: the weapons they areD: antiquesE: the hazard they create

3) how much of a cushion need to you keep between you and the automobile in front of girlfriend under regular driving conditions?

A: 1 secondB: 3 secondsC: 5 secondsD: 7 secondsE: 1 2nd per auto length

4) If her gas pedal gets stuck while driving, friend should

A: transition to neutralB: transition to parkC: shift to reverseD: transition to a reduced gearE: create a breeze by publication the stems latch

5) If you"re affiliated in a crash and damage one more person"s auto without your knowledge, you need to

A: try and uncover the ownerB: leave her name, resolve and call number top top the vehicleC: educate the policeD: all of the aboveE: nobody of the above

6) together a defensive driver you should examine your mirrors

A: every 3 to 5 secondsB: once in a whileC: occasionallyD: as soon as you"re moving passengersE: as soon as you"re moving minors

7) Alcohol can cause which the the following?

A: poison to the bodyB: destruction of the liverC: mind cell damageD: all of the aboveE: none of the above

8) If you hurt or kill someone when driving under the influence, you have the right to be

A: assaultedB: sued by the victim or victim"s familyC: A and also BD: asked come surrender her licenseE: B and D

9) To calculate a 3 second cushion, you require to

A: counting 1001...1002...1003B: calculation the rate of the car ahead the youC: multiply your speed by 1.5 and also divide through 2D: divide your rate by 1, and include the very first digit of her speedE: happen 3 objects and count the moment it takes

10) If confronted with an additional driver who is steering hostilely, girlfriend should

A: forgive and also forgetB: keep a protective driver attitudeC: provide him the right of wayD: all of the aboveE: nobody of the above

11) chauffeurs who walk too gradually are just as _____ as vehicle drivers who go also fast.

A: annoyingB: dangerousC: aggravatingD: particularE: courteous

12) A safe point to carry out while driving on long, right stretches of highway ~ above a clear day is

A: close your eyes a tiny bitB: journey on the shoulderC: turn on your headlightsD: rotate on your fog lightsE: flash her headlamps

13) If you"re gift tailgated, store a _____ 2nd gap in between you and also the auto ahead that you.

A: 1B: 4C: 6D: 10E: nobody of the above

14) once passing various other vehicles, you may NOT

A: accelerateB: usage your signal more than twiceC: go over the speed limitD: eatE: flash her headlamps

15) driving is a

A: privilegeB: rightC: requirement for human being 16 years and olderD: abilityE: danger-free activity

16) ~ above a one-way street, you might turn left at a red irradiate if

A: girlfriend are turning onto another one-way streetB: nobody is comes from the other directionC: you might never revolve left on a red lightD: there space no various other vehicles current in the intersectionE: the light was yellow prior to you came to a stop

17) on a non-divided residential street, you might pass a college bus displaying red signals

A: if there room no kids presentB: if you space approaching the school bus from the frontC: if you are traveling in the contrary directionD: on a non-divided street, you may never pass a institution bus displaying red signalsE: if that is a sports team bus

18) What form of line would note the center of a two-way road?

A: hard whiteB: hard yellowC: damaged whiteD: double whiteE: diagonal

19) which of the following will aid someone behind the wheel feeling calm and relaxed?

A: deep breathingB: rojo the shouldersC: both A and BD: stimulantsE: none of the above

20) No matter what friend drive, you room no _____ because that the strength of a large truck.

A: aimB: problemC: matchD: favorE: scare

21) If you were traveling 60 mph and also not put on a seatbelt and collided v a fixed object, how rapid would you be traveling when you fight the windshield?

A: 30 mphB: 45 mphC: 60 mphD: 100 mphE: 90 mph

22) If you journey your automobile into a eye bank, you can complimentary yourself by

A: turning the wheel sharplyB: gyeongju the motorC: rocking her carD: adjusting the shocksE: turning the heater to maximum

23) If you find yourself becoming oblivious to your surroundings if driving, friend should

A: focus on the shoulder lineB: revolve up the heaterC: pull off and get part restD: focus on the front guideline of your hoodE: revolve on the inside light

24) when entering a freeway, the ideal speed to it is in going is

A: slower 보다 the other carsB: the exact same speed as the various other carsC: much faster than the various other carsD: 5-10 mph quicker than the cars behind youE: 10-15 mph quicker than the cars behind you

25) utilizing high beams in fog

A: reduce visibility by boosting glareB: cuts with fog and also increases visibilityC: is optionalD: to reduce condensation inside a vehicleE: is recommended as soon as it"s raining

26) Hearing lose is critical to vehicle drivers because

A: warnings on the road are often audibleB: the affects their insurance ratesC: that reduces their capability to driveD: passengers have to talk louderE: they"re required to pat the radio louder

27) together quoted from the course, the freeway is not a location to consult a

A: cell phoneB: passengerC: childD: mapE: passenger

28) Peripheral vision loss outcomes in

A: greater risk the right-of-way crashesB: reduced ability to recognize intersection hazardsC: increased chance that pedestrian collisionD: every one of the aboveE: b and also c only

29) If you begin to hydroplane, i m sorry of the adhering to should you do?

A: put a hefty load on the rear end of your vehicleB: take your foot off the gasC: brake harder than normalD: drive quicker than normalE: turn into the skid

30) to safely pass one more car while travel uphill, you must drive at least _____ mph quicker than the auto you room passing.

A: 5B: 10C: 15D: 20E: 30

31) To determine how much your automobile is traveling per second,

A: clock the damaged white lane linesB: division your rate by distanceC: count how plenty of light write-ups you happen in 3 secondsD: main point your speed by a aspect of 1.5E: counting 1001; 1002; 1003

32) save a _____ second gap between you and also the vehicle ahead of you.

A: 1B: 3C: 5D: 10E: none of the above

33) If you are moving slower than most of the other vehicles top top the highway,

A: journey in the right-hand laneB: journey in the left-hand laneC: choose up her paceD: save your high beams onE: drive on the shoulder

34) The purpose of taking protective driving is

A: respect the othersB: safetyC: learning to driveD: a punishmentE: C and also D

35) Driving across a grass median is legitimate if

A: there is a traffic jamB: there is a multi-car heap upC: that is never ever legal to drive across a grass medianD: there room no other means to turn aroundE: you have a specific reason because that doing so

36) store in mind once driving behind a big rig, this trucks weigh _____ and also therefore cannot prevent quickly.

A: also muchB: 30 - 40 tonsC: 1500 poundsD: 1 - 2 tonsE: much less than you think

37) together quoted native the course, if you want to keep your life, save your

A: habitsB: to trust highC: perspectiveD: high beams on in a eye stormE: id in the car

38) i m sorry factors add to most teen driver collisions?

A: foolishness & loud musicB: impracticability & ignorance the lawC: risky actions & poor skillsD: ignorance of legislation & DWIE: Homecoming and also Prom

39) Carpool lanes and also bus lanes on freeways are significant with double, parallel hard lines, v _____ in the middle.

A: arrowsB: circlesC: diamondsD: rectanglesE: octagons

40) If you hit a pedestrian, you need to first

A: drive to the nearest police stationB: stop and check the victimC: speak to your attorneyD: sirloin home and dial 911E: discover your insurance card

41) You must turn on your headlights if you room using your

A: windshield wipersB: rotate signalsC: emergency flashersD: stereoE: brake lights

42) High beam lamp should permit you to see

A: 100 feetB: 200 feetC: 350 feetD: 450 feetE: 500 feet

43) over there are commodities on the industry that can modify vehicles for people who experience

A: i know well problemsB: share painC: diminished visionD: every one of the aboveE: a and also c only

44) A horn blast need to be provided when

A: a horseback driver is close to your laneB: going about blind or small turnsC: one more driver makes a mistakeD: you require to get the fist of a slow-moving driverE: pedestrians are slow-moving to clean the crosswalk

45) Misreading web traffic signs, impulsive turning, inappropriate stopping, are indications of _____.

A: impaired physical abilityB: poor driving habitsC: inexperienced driversD: diminished cognitive abilityE: road rage

46) acquisition 2 or 3 secs to look away to text, talk, or search on your cell phone if driving 55mph permits your vehicle to take trip how much without your attention?

A: 55 feetB: 110 feetC: 300 feet, the length of a football fieldD: 10 car lengthsE: 15 vehicle lengths

47) driving safely way driving

A: slowlyB: only during daylightC: defensivelyD: with the crowdE: alone

48) prior to driving one unfamiliar vehicle, make sure you know where the _____ is.

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A: turn signalB: gas canC: danger light switchD: power window switchE: glove box

49) To operate a vehicle, friend must have proof of financial _____.

A: solvencyB: responsibilityC: securityD: hardshipE: assets

50) You need to use headlights from

A: 7am to 8pmB: morning it rotates nightC: sunset till sunriseD: 7pm to 7amE: 6am to 7pm