In or close to an area of limited visibility, whether by work or night, the signal prescribed in this preeminence shall be provided as follows:

(a) A power-driven ship making method through the water chandelier sound, in ~ intervals that not much more than 2 minutes, one lengthy blast.

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(b) A power-driven ship underway but stopped and also making no means through the water candlestick sound, at intervals of not more than 2 minutes, two lengthy blasts in succession, through an expression of around 2 seconds between them.

(c) A vessel no under command; a vessel minimal in her capacity to maneuver, even if it is underway or in ~ anchor; a sailing vessel; a vessel involved in fishing, whether underway or at anchor; and also a vessel engaged in towing or pushing another vessel shall, rather of the signal prescribed in paragraphs (a) or (b) that this Rule, sound, at intervals that not more than 2 minutes, 3 blasts in succession, namely, one an extensive followed by two brief blasts.


(e) A ship towed or if an ext than one ship is towed the critical vessel the the tow, if manned, shall at intervals the not more than 2 minutes sound four blasts in succession, namely, one an extensive followed by three brief blasts. Once practicable, this signal shall be made immediately after the signal do by the towing vessel.

(f) once a pushing vessel and also a vessel being driven ahead room rigidly connected in a composite unit they shall be regarded as a power-driven vessel and also shall offer the signals prescribed in paragraphs (a) or (b) of this Rule.

(g) A vessel at anchor shall in ~ intervals of not an ext than 1 minute ring the bell quickly for about 5 seconds. In a ship of 100 meter or more in size the bell shall be sound in the forepart of the vessel and also immediately after the ringing of the bell the gong shall it is in sounded swiftly for about 5 secs in the after component of the vessel. A vessel at anchor may in enhancement sound 3 blasts in succession, namely, one short, one lengthy and one brief blast, to give warning of she position and also of the possibility of collision come an approaching vessel.

(h) A ship aground shall provide the bell signal and also if required the gong signal prescribed in paragraph (g) of this Rule and also shall, in addition, offer three separate and also distinct strokes top top the bell immediately before and also after the quick ringing the the bell. A vessel aground may in addition sound an proper whistle signal.

(i) A ship of 12 meters or much more but less than 20 meters in size shall not be obliged to give the bell signal prescribed in paragraphs (g) and also (h) of this Rule. However, if she does not, she candlestick make part other effective sound signal at intervals that not an ext than 2 minutes.

(j) A vessel of less than 12 meter in size shall no be obliged to provide the above-mentioned signal but, if she does not, shall make some other reliable sound signal at intervals of not an ext than 2 minutes.

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(k) A pilot vessel when involved on pilotage duty may, in enhancement to the signal prescribed in paragraphs (a), (b) or (g) of this Rule, sound an identity signal consists of four short blasts.

(l) The adhering to vessels shall no be forced to sound signals together prescribed in paragraph (g) of this dominance when anchored in a one-of-a-kind anchorage area designated through the coastline Guard: