Learning Targets:

I can define the attributes of a polyhedron utilizing mathematical vocabulary.I can explain the difference between prisms and also pyramids.I understand the relationship between a polyhedron and also its net.

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Here are images that represent polyhedra:


Here are images that execute not represent polyhedra:


Your teacher will give you some figures or objects. Kind them into polyhedra and non-polyhedra.

What features helped you differentiate the polyhedra from the other figures?
Here room some polyhedra called prisms.

Here space some polyhedra called pyramids.

Look at the prisms. What space their features or features? Look in ~ the pyramids. What space their characteristics or features?Which the the complying with nets can be folded right into Pyramid P? choose all that apply.

Your teacher will offer your team a collection of polygons and assign a polyhedron.

Decide which polygons are necessary to compose your assigned polyhedron. Perform the polygons and how numerous of each room needed.Arrange the cut-outs into a net that, if taped and folded, can be assembled right into the polyhedron. Lay out the net. If possible, find much more than one way to species the polygon (show a different net for the very same polyhedron).

Are you all set for more?

What is the smallest number of faces a polyhedron can possibly have? explain how friend know.

13.3 Assembling Polyhedra

Your teacher will offer you the network of a polyhedron. Reduced out the net, and fold it follow me the edge to assemble a polyhedron. Ice or glue the flaps so that there are no unjoined edges.

How many vertices, edges, and also faces are in your polyhedron?

Lesson 13 Summary

A polyhedron is a three-dimensional number composed of faces. Each challenge is a filled-in polygon and meets only one other confront along a complete edge. The ends of the edges meet at points the are dubbed vertices.


A polyhedron always encloses a three-dimensional region.

The many of polyhedron is polyhedra. Right here are some illustrations of polyhedra:


A prism is a form of polyhedron through two identical deals with that space parallel to every other and also that are called bases. The bases are connected by a collection of rectangles (or periodically parallelograms).

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A prism is named for the form of its bases. For example, if the base is a pentagon, climate it is dubbed a “pentagonal prism.”


A pyramid is a kind of polyhedron that has actually one special confront called the base. All of the other faces are triangles the all satisfy at a single vertex.

A pyramid is named for the form of the base. Because that example, if the base is a pentagon, then it is called a “pentagonal pyramid.”


A net is a two-dimensional representation of a polyhedron. It is composed of polygons that type the faces of a polyhedron.