A narrow other in the grassOccasionally rides;You may have actually met him,--did friend not,His an alert sudden is.The grass divides as with a comb,A spotted obelisk is seen;And climate it close the door at her feetAnd opens further on.

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the likes a boggy acre,A floor as well cool for corn.Yet when a child, and barefoot,I more than once, in ~ morn,Have passed, i thought, a whip-lashUnbraiding in the sun,--When, stooping to secure it,It wrinkled, and was gone.

several of nature"s persons know, and they understand me;I feeling for them a transportOf cordiality;But never met this fellow,Attended or alone,Without a tighter breathing,And zero in ~ the bone.

ঘাসের ভেতরে এক লিকলিকে প্রাণ ।। এমিলি ডিকিন্সন (Bengali Version)(bn)

This is regularly one of the first Dickinson poems presented to children, and also of course, that is memorable.

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