Ken miller moves devices for the Bears for a recent road video game in Detroit. Miller has moved the Bears because that 30 years.

The 68-year-old man and the 350-pound tribe come v the doorway together and start up the ramp, one dominating the other. As if the weren’t enough, 3 boxes the Gatorade flour sit atop the trunk. Ken Miller’s need for effectiveness outweighs the cargo.

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that approaching 2 p.m. ~ above the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. In less than 48 hours, the Bears and also Lions will certainly kick turn off in Detroit — 316 miles and also a vacation rush hour native the Halas hall loading dock.

miller is bent in ~ the waist v both eight extended, slowly but steadily advertise the navy trunk on wheel from the Bears devices room towards the 40-foot semitrailer he’ll use to draw an estimated 12,000 pounds of supplies and also equipment to the game.

He would know. As the owner that Meyers Movers, Miller has actually helped move the bears to and from games and also everywhere in between since 1989.

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what on his 30-season ride native that an initial training camp in Platteville, Wis., to this weekend’s trip to eastern Rutherford, N.J., miller became part of the bear fabric.

His agency has relocated every coach because Dave Wannstedt and also every height personnel executive due to the fact that Mark Hatley. Meyers’ Rolodex of player clients spans native Anthony Adams to chris Zorich. Countless of the names room familiar. Singletary and Dent. Cutler and Hester. Pace and Nagy.

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“Ken is type of choose family,” stated Tony Medlin, the Bears’ venerable head devices manager. “What he does for the Bears, he goes over and also beyond. It’s his dedication, the method he always goes about getting it done right. The knows exactly what we need, and his duty is simply as necessary as everything else.”

The relocate to Detroit is the eighth the 11 reserved for road games this season. The NFL doesn’t prevent for holidays, and neither execute Miller and his crew.

The Bears lug their uniform equipment — helmets, pads, jerseys, etc. — on the team plane, however most of your equipment and supplies take trip to many road gamings in Miller’s truck.

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Towels, jackets, shoes, thermals, medical supplies, collapsible training tables, football equipment, coolers, etc.

The many random item? most likely the pair the blue, steel stools. They’re just 2 feet tall, yet offensive heat coach bother Hiestand and also defensive heat coach Jay Rodgers prefer to sit short to talk to their players ~ above the bench.

having Miller drive all that stuff saves players an uncomfortable wait on a tarmac after ~ a video game while the aircraft is packed. It also permits United airlines to charter the bear a smaller plane.

Miller’s passion for the work and also the team has actually kept that lifting, pushing and driving through some recent health potholes. He had radiation because that prostate cancer in the feather of 2016. Climate he had actually a heart assault on the project at the Patriots’ Gillette stadium in August the year.

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The latter is a hell of a story, component of the library Miller and his crew have actually amassed over plenty of miles and also hours working for the Bears and people linked to the team.

Like when they moved Jim McMahon and rode with his pet gerbils in the cab therefore they wouldn’t freeze in the trailer.

Or the time one old lady in green Bay flipped off Miller after see the huge Bears logo design on the truck.

Or once they relocated coach Matt Nagy native Overland Park, Kan., in June, and also one that the crew members discussed to the former Eagles assistant that he’s an Eagles fan.

Nagy automatically dug right into a box and gave him autographed image of Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.

This relocate to Detroit have to be more routine 보다 colorful, yet that’s never ever a certainty. Together Bears players execute their walk-through come prepare for the Lions, Miller and also his crew role the last laundry bath tub onto the truck.

müller climbs right into the cab and settles in behind the wheel through his mini-cooler complete of Diet Coke and oranges. Bryan Carlson, the Meyers Movers sales consultant and also Miller’s peak lieutenant on bear jobs, buckles in shotgun. They roll over to the Payton Center, where the team is practicing. One last item should be loaded.

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Finally, the Bears room done utilizing the JUGS machine. The goes in the trailer, and also the door is locked. At 2:57 p.m., the van growls past the Halas Hall defense gate.