A choir is a team of singers.A chorus is a big group the singers the may include dancers.

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Chorus is likewise another name for the stop of a song.

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What’s a Choir?

Choir has much more definitions than most people realize. The many well-known an interpretation is an organized team of singers, such as those that sing hymns for church services. However, choir likewise refers come the section in the structure where the singers stand. The term can be even much more general, referring to organized teams of people or things, such as a group of the same type of instruments. Finally, a division of angels is a choir.


What’s a Chorus?

Chorus has actually as plenty of definitions together choir. Most people think of a chorus together a big group of singers—as a choir, essentially. However, a chorus have the right to be quite certain about the type of performers the includes. For example, the chorus in one Athenian drama or a music comedy is comprised of singers and also dancers. In one opera, the chorus is created of singers who sing the choral parts. The term chorus doesn’t only refer come performers; it also refers come the part of a track that repeats at certain intervals or to anything sung, spoken, or done at the exact same time by a team of world or animals.

Choir vs. Chorus

A choir describes a group of singers, however a chorus may include dancers or actors. The 2 terms share some meanings but are no interchangeable. Because that example, chorus have the right to refer come the refrain of a song, yet choir can’t. Both words have the right to refer to groups of world or animals.

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Idioms—Preaching to the Choir

The urban Dictionary defines preaching to the choir together “trying to do believers the end of human being who currently believe, or convince world who are currently convinced.” You use this expression to display that girlfriend agree with a declare or opinion.

“I great they would put an ext beef in the beef and also broccoli. I think ns only uncovered three pieces in the totality dish.”

“You’re preaching come the choir, honey!”

If you listen to a group of singers, girlfriend can call it a choir or a chorus. Yet if you are talking around the repeated section that a song, you deserve to only use chorus to describe it. Also, a chorus may include dancers. Currently that you understand the meaning of choir and also chorus, which one execute you want to join?