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I simply purchased an "11 ram 2500 4X4 Megacab and so much she remains stock after the very first 2300 miles. I"m averaging 14.5 unloaded in the city and also 17.5 unloaded top top the hwy. I have actually towed a 2 1/2 ton trailer over 300 the those miles and also I was averaging 15 loaded. So much it"s been a great trade off contrasted to mine 5.7L hemi Commander ns traded for this baby! She pulls way more and certainly gets far better mpg"s 보다 the Hemi! I"ve obtained some mode shipping in this mainly I"ll repost with the basic improvements, if any.
I had actually a 2004 6.0 Ford 2500 4X4It was one of the worst trucks I ever before ownedThen I gained a 2008 evade 2500 2WD Quad cab quick bed 16 MPG city and constantly 21-22 MPG hwy 14 towing 5th wheel <1400 pownds> now I Just obtained a2011 dodge 3500 4X4 Dually Crew cab long bed 12 MPG city 14 hwy have actually not towed 5er yetBoth Dodges had the exact same 6 rate auto and the same 4.10 rear end and same dimension tiresI know the Dually is heavier and also has 2 much more tires yet the Milage is much differentI believe the 4 wheel dive collection up Dodge provides is what is hurting more than noþeles else:confused013:

The purpose of use is getting far better as time walk on. Mine oil alters every 3000 mile is not what I had actually expected! however I will never provide up this truck.
I have a 2010 2500 CC 4X4 every stock. Acquiring 10 to 12 mpg towing a 9000 lb take trip trailer, 12 come 13 mpg city and also 16 to 18 mpg ~ above the hwy. MPG has slowly improved together I"ve gotten much more miles on that (15,500 now).
2011 2500 CC, 2WD every stock. 15 come 16 in town, 19 to 20 on the open up road. About 4000 miles total currently . . . - Tim

2011 2500 cc, 4x4 short box, everything in sig, share height and also tires and also i obtain 21 perhaps 22 mpg on the hwy and 17 in town.... And also 50/50 city/hwy steering i obtain 18.9-19.3mpg... Im at 127 hrs v over 5000 miles ODO.... I gained my BM set at mild.i love mine truck, gets better mpg 보다 my old 07 tacoma and much more options and also space... If i want to save the world i wouldve purchase a vw tdi...the deletes assisted out and the an ext i journey it the better it is...

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--John Huber--l"11 2500 rugged Brown Mono CC 4x4 Laramie l 68RFE l 3.73 together 5" TBE Flo-Pro together AFE Mega CAI together Sinister EGR + Cooler Delete l black Maxx w/OD software application l
I"ve acquired a 2011 2500 Laramie Mega 4x4. Has around 1600 mile on it and it"s been virtually same mileage due to the fact that day one. I"ve been obtaining 12.7 city and the one tank that hwy I had was 17.7, every hand calculated. Truck is fully stock as it was when I journey it off the lot. I"m the very same as a pair above. I"d like better gas mileage, yet I bought the truck for it"s towing power no it"s gas mileage. The said, though, I"m actually saving gas money end my 08 1500 Laramie Mega 2x4 Hemi. This Cummins gets virtually 20% far better gas mileage all the method around...and that"s with only 1600 miles on it. I"ll take it my Cummins any day that the week. The just thing ns haven"t been able to examine yet is mine towing mileage. But, it"s bound to be better than the hem was.Should add, it"s the 6-speed auto and 3.73 gears. Sorry, forgot.