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I"m having the same problem on my 2005 WK together was described on this various other post: Any tips on exactly how to gain the gloves box out? I"ve unclipped the eight on the right side, and also got the hinge come lift the end on the right side, however the left next hinge seems to be fully stuck and won"t come out!

Excellent - give thanks to you. It to be the prevent tab ~ above the left the was keeping it from lifting. Exactly order of operations => success.
thanx i am walk to must do that soon my heat/ac vent w.e the part is the opens and closes snaps loud turning it off and also on and will not prevent until it breaks i guess lol

Thanks yall ns put one of those sticky traps to catch a mouse and also the cursed mouse carried it turn off somewhere lol ns cant discover it hope pulling the glovebox out will settle the mystery.

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