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I gained in my car last night and also out the nowhere, the VSC, Trac Off, and Engine examine Light are ALL on! ns took it come the dealership, they said it"s gonna take it 45 min and $50 come diagnose the problem...I had just taken it in ~ above Saturday for maintain check and oil change! Any help is appreciated!
couple things...check your gas it tight and also on straight?...I know that sound crazy however thats what caused all of those lights to come on the first time i gassed up mine box and also didn"t placed the cap earlier on straight due to the fact that I remained in a hurry...dealership didn"t charge me to inspect it though. If the hasn"t addressed it have you done any mods?
The dealership male said it might be the emissions, ns will check my gas cap. Ns haven"t excellent any kind of mode to my xB...Is that cheaper & simply as good to take my automobile to Auto Zone? I"m in university any type of savings is awesome...

Quick assist here:Option #1Go to Autozone/advance autopartsput a deposit under on a OBD 2 scanneruse the scanner to discover out the code # that the CEL (check engine light)Report earlier here.Option #2Find a friend through something favor a ScanGauge II, DashHawk, or a OBD 2 scannerget the password # and report ago here.Option #3Local trusted shopOption #4DealerIf ns remember effectively all the new Toyota"s will throws all the lamp on when the CEL light come on. Many GEN 1 owner who got the trouble without doing any type of mods had worries with the Crank sensor. I would recommend the dealer for the fix, partially since if the automobile is under guarantee they will certainly take treatment of it.Sometimes once a maintenance check is done someone doesn" plug something back in every the way and the plug falls out, the remainder you already know.Getting the code # the ECU (Engine manage Unit) will help identify the problem. The number will consist of a letter in ~ the beginning and also a 4 numbers after ~ wards. Example. P0300 = arbitrarily multiple misfire. Usually indicating a tune up is needed however further investigation might lead come a poor coil pack, a poor seal enabling too much oil to obtain into the burning chamber wetting the spark plug bring about the misfire, a worn or negative wire, possibly also a defective ECU. However before you do anything. . .Check the gas cap. 4 the end of 10 on every the dare I do CEL check for commonly throw a Evaporative emissions problem code like "insufficient Evap. Vacuum detected" which usually is saying, " hey you left the gas lid off" Tighten the gas lid then "clear" the code using the OBD 2 scanner or resetting the ECU by pulling the ECU fuse in the Engine compartment, or traction the power to the auto at the battery.Drive and also see what happens. Let united state know just how it all comes out! great Luck!

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I"m no on right here ever yet if you message me I"ll shot to get ago to you as shortly as ns can. ...and correct I"m tho rolling the B. 6 Years and also 130k+ miles all done by myself. Daily Driven = Club daily = 2Dhttp://www.