Modern LED illustration with immediate on and also offDirect replacement because that Pontiac cool Prix rear turn bulbsPlug and also play, no change with factory 3157 pear sizeMultiple brightness level available


LED Indicators. The factory incandescent turn signals top top the Pontiac grand Prix illuminate in a slow-moving glow, acquisition a moment to rotate off and also on. With replacement LED bulbs, girlfriend can immediately update your car with the prompt on-off blinking of modern LEDs. This prompt activation to add a contemporary and unique look to the cool Prix.

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Brightness. All Diode Dynamics LED lighting is rated v accurate, measured lumen figures, no calculations or guesses. We test the true output in-house, and provide you the actual numbers to compare.


Correct Color. You\"ll watch that we offer both a red and amber option, which accomplish SAE/DOT \"amber\" and also \"red\" requirements. If you have actually a clean lens or one amber reflector over the turn signal bulb on your cool Prix, amber is the exactly emitter color for maximum turn signal output. If your vehicle has a red lens over the rear revolve signal, climate red is the exactly emitter for you.

Reduced Load. when it involves LED upgrades, you\"d think the lower power draw would it is in a good feature! However, the cool Prix looks because that a specific power attract from the turn signals. LEDs will make the car think a bulb has actually gone out, due to lower power draw. This causes a \"hyperblink,\" or fast-blinking rotate signal, which have the right to be corrected with LED Resistors or an LED Flasher.

The many basic, tried-and-true an approach to correct hyperblinking is to add resistors. Since a 6-ohm resistor uses around the very same power together a standard turn signal bulb, these deserve to be offered on any type of vehicle, however does need tapping factory signals. One resistor is necessary to replace each turn signal bulb.

You might have likewise heard that flasher relays, i beg your pardon is the really module the determines speed speed. On some vehicles, it can be changed with one the is designed because that LED strength levels. However, on countless newer vehicles these modules cannot be replaced. If it\"s possible to change the flasher top top the cool Prix, you\"ll check out one noted above. Just one flasher is essential per vehicle, for both front and also rear LED revolve signal conversions.

Reliability. Diode Dynamics LEDs are constructed with constant-current inductive circuitry, in addition to transient suppression. They are tested by our design team through a machine that replicates years of voltage spikes, like the ones produced each time the alternator starts and stops ~ above your cool Prix. This is what kills most LED bulbs over time, but just like factory components, Diode Dynamics LEDs space designed with integrated circuit protection. While more expensive than straightforward bulbs, this enables Diode Dynamics LEDs to last because that years, through no flickering or failure.

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is just one of the many trusted surname in automotive LED lighting. We straight assemble and engineer an increasing number of products in the unified States, enabling for higher quality and also performance, through the newest and also brightest LED technology. Whether it\"s a Pontiac or something else, we pride oneself in offering just the best possible LED solutions. Please call us if you\"d prefer to discuss your bright project!

3156/3157 HP48 - more details

48 LEDs in omnidirectional design.Diffusing cover for also output and clean appearance when off.Molded connector through sturdy terminals.Cosmetic upgrade only.250 lumens per bulb.

3156/3157 HP11 - much more details

Four COB form LED with a solitary high-power chip an installed at top.Full metal heatsinking for dependable operation.Nonpolar and CK compatible electric design.310 lumens every bulb.

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3156/3157 XP80 - an ext details

Sixteen high-power 5W LEDs i ordered it in every directions.Metal heatsink to keep high output.Inductive constant-current drive circuit.510 lumens every bulb.