as soon as I make the efforts to stay my auto this afternoon it would not start. I went and also got a new battery and also still would not start, however all the lamp come on. It states that I have actually low gas yet I had half a tank and it says tiny oil pressure but have many of oil. All the lights come on and also the radio, but just would certainly not crank over.

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it sounds like you have a poor starter motor however to be sure below is a guide to assist confirm the failure. operation down this guides and also report back and check out the diagrams below



Is the automobile equipped with the Passive Anti-Theft mechanism (PATS)? Is the anti-theft irradiate flashing? If so, you might want to start there by having actually the system inspected through a trustworthy dealer.If you believe that the anti-theft device is no at fault, I would re-check battery and also ground connections - closely examine all cables for corrosion first. Perform resistance - or best - voltage autumn tests to identify high resistance in the cables.
My wife was sitting at a light and the truck simply shut off. No warning signs and also the lights will come on yet it won"t turn over at all.
HelloTo much better assist you you re welcome tell me her engine dimension in liter and the 8th digit of her VIN.So currently, as soon as you revolve the vital on come start every one of the dash lights come on, but the engine renders NO sound at all. Simply dash lights?Please walk to Auto region (AZ) or O"Reilly"s (OR) and use your tool inspect out program and also get the code scanner. Check your codes, if you uncover something and you don"t get it fixed and need to get earlier with us, please make certain you phone call us specifically what the password was, number and all. Example, if the password was E0568 O2 Sensor bad. Climate make certain you give us every one of that.
It"s a V8 4.6 and I had someone placed it top top a tester and nothing came up, it just blinked. Might his be some sort of loose wire or fuse. He lamp come on however the truck will not revolve over in ~ all.

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HelloThanks because that the update.If the truck just dies favor someone rotate the light switch off and you do the efforts to start it and nothing happens at all, the is the engine doesn"t turn at all. The dash lights room on but the engine is not turning. The very first place ns would check is the ignition switchNow if it had been running and you stopped, shut the off, came back and do the efforts to start it and got lamp on the dash again however nothing turns over, then I would throw the starter and relay into the mix come check.Though the is running right currently you might still examine fuses 12 and 23 in the battery junction crate under the hood and fuse 29 in the main junction crate left next of the dash. Use an ohm meter though.You could shot this come see. Despite you have a newer automobile if may work. Occasionally to inspect for a faulty ignition move you can: progressively turn ignition switch from ACC come ON, walk the dash lights flickers or go off? (YES?) gradually turn come START, go the light flickers or goes off? ( correctly ) once cranking the starter, is the battery charge light ON every the time? ( NO ) If answers are as in the brackets, the ignition move is possible bad. Please let me know what wake up though.