Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and also assignment the fuses and also relays Lincoln Aviator (UN152) (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005).

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Checking and Replacing Fuses

Fuses and also circuit breakers protect your vehicle’s electric system indigenous overloading. If electrical materials in the car are not working, a fuse may have actually blown. Check the proper fuses prior to replacing any type of electrical components.

Look carefully at the fuse – a broken wire within the fuse identify blown fuses. If you room not certain or if the is also dark come see, try replacing the doubt fuse with one of the exact same value that you understand is good.

In situation if you do not have actually a preventive fuse, in an emergency you can pull the end fuses, which might be dispensable for typical driving (for example, audio system, tobacco lighter, OBD, chair heater, and also the like), and use the if that amperage rating is the same.


Always switch turn off the ignition system and the influenced electrical circuit before replacing a fuse.Always disconnect the battery before servicing high current fuses.Never use a fuse that a greater amperage rating 보다 that indicated, or use any kind of other thing in location of a fuse, even as a short-term fix. This can cause extensive damage or even fire.If the changed fuses blows again – call a qualified and equipped business center.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse dashboard is located below the instrument dashboard on the driver’s side.



№ACircuits Protected
130Moonroof motor, Driver chair switch, Driver seat lumbar
210VAPS module, memory seat module, Body defense module, Tire pressure Monitor system (TPMS), SecuriLock_x0003_ LED, Sunload/Autolamp sensor (SecuriLock_x0001_ LED (2004))
320Radio, navigating module
45Front wiper module
515Flasher relay (turn/hazards)
65Electronic concealed Antenna Module (EHAM) (antenna amplifier), Radio, Moonroof motor, Driver window motor, navigating module and microphone
715Heated mirrors, DEATC module
85Daytime running Lamps (DRL) module, boil PCV valve (2004-2005)
910Back-up lamps (DTRS), Electrochromatic mirror (2004-2005)
1010Heated backlight relay coil, Climate seat modules, auxiliary A/C temperature blend/mode actuator, A/C clutch relay contact
1120Not used
1215Restraints module
1310Brake shift interlock
1452003: Cornering lamps
155Instrument cluster, behind wiper module, Tire press Monitor device (TPMS)
16152003: Cigar lighter, OBD II, Liftgate release relay coil and also contacts
2005: OBD II
202004: Cigar lighter, OBD II
1715Delayed accessory relay coil, Battery saver relay coil and contact
185Not used
1915Washer pump
205Shifter, Clock, strength mirror switch, DVD
2110Brake pressure switch (ABS), IVD move (2003-2004), RSC switch (2005), Flasher relay
2210ABS/RSC module
237.52004-2005: Liftgate release relay coil and contact
52003: Sunload/Autolamp sensor (SecuriLock_x0001_ transceiver LED)
24302004-2005: Subwoofer, navigation amp
202003: Subwoofer, Navigation
255Trailer tow battery charge relay coil, puddle lamp relay coil (2003)
265SecuriLock_x0003_ transceiver
275Rear park assist, VAPS module
285Radio, Navigation
2910DTRS, feed to Fuse 28
305Instrument cluster, Compass module, assistant A/C relay coil


Relay Box

The relays are located on the reverse side of the passenger compartment fuse panel. To access the relays, you should remove the fuse panel.


1Flasher relay
2Heated backlight relay
3Delayed accessory relay
4Not used
5Battery saver relay
6Not used
7Not used

Engine Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

The power circulation box is located in the engine compartment. The power distribution box consists of high-current fuses that defend your vehicle’s main electric systems indigenous overloads.


№ACircuits Protected
160Power Junction box (PJB)
230Door locks (BSM)
3202005: Cigar lighter
440Heated backlight/mirrors
540Anti-lock Brake system (ABS)/Roll Stability control (RSC) module (pump)
660Delayed accessory
720Daytime running Lamps (DRL) module
820Electric cooling fan
920Headlamp switch
1030ABS/RSC module (valves)
1140PTEC relay contacts
1250Ignition/Starter relay
1340Trailer tow relays
1415Brake lamp feed
1510Keep alive strength (PTEC/cluster/DEATC), Courtesy lights (2005)
1620Power allude #3
1720Rear wiper module
18204x4 module
1930Driver home window motor
2030Electric trailer brake module
2130Memory seat module
2220Main exterior lamps (low beam headlamps, high beam headlamps, fog lamps)
2330Ignition switch
2420Horn relay
2520Power suggest #1
2620Fuel pump relay contacts
2720Trailer tow relays
2820Power point #2
2960Power Junction box (PJB)
3030Front wiper module
3130Climate-controlled seat modules
3230Passenger chair switch
3330Auxiliary blower motor
3420Right HID relay
3520Left HID relay
3640Blower motor
3715A/C clutch relay, TXV, Transmission, rate control
3815HEGO, VMV, Canister vent, IMCC-LSRC, EGR module, heated PCV (2003)
3915Injectors, Idle air regulate (2005)
4015PTEC, mass Air flow (MAF) sensor, Fuel pump relay
4125Coil on plug, PTEC diode/relay
4210Right low beam (halogen)
4310Left low beam (halogen)
4422004-2005: Heated PCV valve (w/DRL only)
152003: Fog lamp relay
4522003-2004: Brake push Switch
4620High beams, Fog lamps (2004-2005)
6230Circuit Breaker: Power windows, Moonroof, Audio (delayed accessory)
47Horn relay
48Fuel pump relay
49High beam relay
50Fog desk lamp relay
51Not used
52A/C clutch relay
53Trailer tow ideal turn relay
54Trailer tow left rotate relay
55Blower engine relay
56Starter relay
57PTEC relay
58Ignition relay
592003-2004: Driver brake applied relay
60PCM diode
61A/C clutch diode

Auxiliary relay box

The relay box is located on the front appropriate fender fine underneath the speed regulate module.

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1Left HID relay
2Right HID relay
3Not used
4EDF relay

Rear Relay Box

The relay box is located on the rear passenger side quarter trim panel. Check out your dealer or a certified technician for business of this relay box.


1Liftgate relax solenoid
2Not used
3Not used
4Trailer tow back-up lamps
5Not used
6Not used
7Trailer tow battery charge
8Trailer tow park lamps
9Not used
102003: Puddle lamps
11Not used
12Not used