here is a guide and the diagrams below so you have the right to see exactly how the project is done.

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Dealer tells me I have to replace the time belt now because of the age of mine car and also not the mileage. Is this true? must it be readjusted now instead of in ~ the 100,000 mile mark?Thanks

hi there, give thanks to you for the donation, most manufacturers will give a mileage or time framework to replace the time belt. If her dealer has actually advised this is now due for your car, i would perform it. This engine room interference engines, that is valves will strike pistons if the belt fails, the price is horrendous to repair these engines, ns would adjust the belt, it"s contact preventive maintenance.Mark (mhpautos)

I need to agree. I"m at approximately 82,500 miles right currently - I arrangement on law the timing belt and waterpump on my next yearly visit to the Honda dealer in August. It"s preventative maintenance, and unfortunately, it"s one of those points you simply "don"t know" it"s going to go.Nobody in my family members has bothered to readjust their time belts, and also they didn"t fail as long as they"ve own the car. So, it"s a peace-of-mind thing.

Unfortunately ns waited too long on among my vehicles. The price of the repair to be so high that it became one of the factors why i went to college to it is in an auto technician. Ns TELL YA mine CHAIN SLIPPED and BENT THE VALVES. UGLY SITUATION. THE just THING i WOULD most likely DO different THOUGH, IS : IF YOUR vehicle IS not UNDER WARRANTY, I imply THAT girlfriend SHOP about FOR job PRICES, dealers ARE very EXPENSIVE
my dealer right here in NJ stated it"d it is in 600 for simply the labor and also the new timing belt. An ext if I want to execute the water pump.Local shops near by seem to be about 100 bucks cheaper, for 100 bucks I"d personal rather have actually Honda execute it. The local shops surrounding seem to acquire a kick out of use 16 year olds to work on peoples" cars.
ns recently had actually some routine maintenance job-related done top top my automobile - timing belt replacement, replaced seals, getting carbon out of the engine, etc.Now that I have actually my auto back, it"s an extremely squeaky. It squeaks on slow-moving turns, yet the many alarming point is that no issue how fast I"m driving, about every 15-20 seconds, the car does a little squeak and at the precise same time, loser its forward acceleration for a break-up second. That feels like it slows slightly, and also then ~ the squeak, it choose right back up. It"s many noticeable once I have actually the auto on cruise control, yet it"s happening without it as well.Could few of the repair work have caused this problem?
hi khanssen, I believe the power steering and also AC belt has not been readjusted properly. GEt ago to the shop which walk the job to have it rectified. Expect the crankpully is properly torqued.
What can reason a 2001 honda civic not to start after timing belt was replaced?Double checked tdc and timing marks.
mine Honda public has about 84,000 mile on it. I"m just wondering if i should adjust the timing belt and have that tuned up? ns checked and the cost is roughly $500. Would certainly that it is in a reasonable price?Thank you!
hi SylviaNgocDang, labor time is between 2.5 come 3.5 hours depending on whether oil seals space to it is in replaced.Parts price is about $ 100.$ 500 inclusive the tuneup and also servicing appears reasonable depending on where you are located and also local conditions.Recommended timing belt replacement duration is 105 k mile under normal conditions. Under extreme temperature, end 110 levels F and under -20 levels F encourage to change at 60k miles.
hi again, thanks for the reply.I"m currently in mountain Diego, California. Ns don"t think the weather is that too much where I have actually to adjust the timing belt in ~ 60K miles. My vehicle right now has actually 84K mile so tuning increase is recommended right? I"m reasoning on having actually it excellent asap because I commute too much for school and work.About chaning a new timing belt, I need to wait it rotates 90K also 100K miles? If so, then the song up fees wouldn"t be that much correct?
hi SylviaNgocDang, Tuneup is not that essential for vehicles nowadays. The things that you require to inspect would be the spark plugs and also oil replacement.At 84 k mile it should last you as much as 100k there is no problem however I forgot to mention the time structure is 84 month so I would certainly recommend that you gain it changed at 90 k mile max, to it is in on the safe side.
thank you therefore much, CarPros!I"ll have actually the oil readjusted tomorrow then. Have a great weekend and i"ll get back to you males to see exactly how it transforms out!
I have actually owned my Honda civic ever due to the fact that the 50,000 mile mark. I have actually had little to no difficulties with the car. I now use the car as a work-related vehicle. I have heard different opinions on how critical an altering the time belt is. The readjust of the time belt has actually been quoted to me and also seems relatively expensive. Is this miscellaneous I can get by there is no doing at this point, since there are no issues?
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