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General Ford Ranger Discussion General discussion of the Ford Ranger that does not fit in any kind of other sub-forum.

Can anyone command me to uncover where the EGR Valve is situated on my 05 Ford Ranger 3.0L? i spent hrs looking because that it. Please Help. Thanks.

Welcome to the forumMight not have actually one on 2005 3.0lLook on the exhaust manifolds for a steel pipe comes out and up in the direction of intake, if you don"t find that climate no EGR valve, the pipe runs to the EGR Valve if girlfriend do uncover itNot every years/engines have actually EGR Valves, EGR is used to reduced cylinder temperature under load to protect against a spike in NOX, a toxic gas, if engine didn"t have actually that worry then no EGR neededAnd this have the right to be a by STATE emissions requirement, part states, like Calif ,required EGR device regardless in most years, so where auto was offered when brand-new mattersSo some 2005 3.0l Rangers may have had EGR valves, relying on where they to be from originally
What around the DPFE Sensor? ns may have actually a bad one, over there is no EGR Valve on my engine ns checked simply while ago.
+1 ^^EGR valveDPFE sensorEGR SolenoidThese are the 3 parts offered only because that EGR systemComputers deserve to make mistakes now and also then, and collection a code for a mechanism you don"t have, its really rare but can happenJust clean the code and see if that returns

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