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2004 Yamaha BearTracker® Specifications

IdentificationEngine:Transmission:Wheels & Tires:Brakes:Technical Specifications:Seats:Drive Line:Lights:Storage:
Model TypeUtility
BASE MSRP(US)$3,299.00
DealersYamaha Dealers
Engine TypeSingle-Cylinder
Engine Stroke4-Stroke
Valve ConfigurationSOHC
Displacement (cc/ci)230 / 14
Carburetion TypeCarburetor
Transmission TypeManual / automatic Clutch
Number of Speeds5
Primary journey (Rear Wheel)Shaft
Front tires (Full Spec)AT 22 x 7-10
Rear tires (Full Spec)AT 22 x 10-10
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeSealed Drum
Wheelbase (in/mm)46.1 / 1170.9
Dry load (lbs/kg)441 / 200
Fuel capacity (gal/l)3.2 / 12.1
Seat elevation (in/mm)30.7 / 779.8
Number that Seats1
Driveline Type4X2
Number that Driveline Modes1
Halogen Headlight (s)Standard
Rear RackStandard
Front RackStandard

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The yamaha beartracker is one of ideal fourwheeler ns have ever before rode and it is a great hill rise bike.Read complete Review
Quality & dependability
Ride & Comfort

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ive had my beartracker for about 8 years and let me tell you its beennothing yet awsome its been on shoot trips top top the sand fire trailsup and down step terrains and never permit me down,for a old quad itsbeen shit hot...Read full Review
I acquired my beartracker when it was brand new it has been great. Everything about is good except the carburetor it required a brand-new one so i bought a cheap international one and that carburetor is a piece of crap I also bought one because that my Old Polaris i Kant psychic what type it is however it is like a year newer th...en the be afflicted with tracker the Polaris didn"t run at every after I placed the carburetor in yet the be afflicted with tracker did for this reason I"d select the bear tracker over any quadRead complete Review
remarkable piersonforcongress.com very reliable an extremely comfortable and also just great ive got to 40 mph on her n she runs an excellent got it for 800$ rebuilt the carb and also got her movin additionally this piersonforcongress.com absorbs bumps real smooth rideRead full Review

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Traded one old jon watercraft for mine, cleaned the carb, and it screams favor a bat out of hell. Ns go anywhere my buddies on their Polaris 600 4wd"s and also the likes go. Not poor for having $600 invest in it. Much faster and stronger than a Recon. Read complete Review