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I have actually a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5 Liter engine it claims I deserve to two 2000 lbs on mine bumper hich yet I review on a a online tow overview I have the right to tow 5250 lbs witch is right.
towing 5250 seems favor a high rating and will be scary with a 4cyl yet can be excellent if my dumbass can do this
climate anythings possibleanyhow, i echo anyone elses comment on towing top top the bumper, before i to be "hitched" ns towed a 5x8 uhaul filled v **** and my util trailer filled v firewood but wouldnt trust it for much ... I dont basic this ~ above the bumper but on the ball rating cause the holes room pretty small.
I have a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5 Liter engine it says I have the right to two 2000 lbs on my bumper hich yet I read on a a virtual tow guide I deserve to tow 5250 lbs witch is right.
According to Ford because that MY certain truck I deserve to haul ( 1,650 lbs ) in the bed and also tow ( 6,000 lbs ) through a trailer, my van was one-of-a-kind ordered through ALL the bells and whistles in 1996 consisting of tow package!!If you want to be absolutely certain I would contact an authorized Ford representative that might look increase your certain truck and also it"s current configuration, obviously friend will need a trailer hitch mounted in the correct course rating come take advantage of what you have the right to tow.Let us know what you discover out.
plz plz plz plz dont ever tow anything with your bumper. Plz spend the 100 dollars and also buy a real hitch
there is no method you might tow what i"m capible of towing with a class 3 hitch and also towing parcel (see sig) with simply a four banger on your bumper. The bumper is only rated for choose 200-500 lbs. I"m guessing you check out the information wrong.spend the extra coina and also get a hitch or uncover someone through a bigger towing capacity.
i"ve pulled a trailer on mine bumper that was about 3000 pounds a couple of times ns didnt really wanna pull it however it worked, gun trailer load is 2000, max tounge load is around 250-300 pounds, however yeah simply spend the 100 or for this reason on a hitch, it will be worth it and also btw my bumper is bent a small from that
ya ns agree..these trucks space wimpy... Hell i"ve pulled 3000lbs with my 250 2wd quad because that god sakes.. And also a van cant even pull 3000 lbs top top the bumper?? wow it is sad. Haha

yeah the bumpers top top the rangers carry out suck, ns hooked a tie under to the bottom of the bumper to pull a automobile on a trailer it bent the bottom of my bumper the end a couple of hits with a axe knocked it back to mormal haha i was pissed as soon as i seen it bend out,so yeah the share bumpers are wimpy
I to be going to uhaul today to gain priced I require a course 3 ideal ? and also What will certainly the max hitch weight max it is in I can have ?
Typically, a course 3 hitch is rated at 500 lbs tongue weight and also 5000 lbs towing, course 4 is 750 lbs tongue weight and 7500 lbs towing. That"s the "safe" limit.Don"t worry around pulling the load though if the a high quality hitch, got a buddy who lived here who own a "93 dodge diesel 4x4 and he routinely hauls 10,000+ lb lots with a 6" drop hitch on his factory course 3 hitch lol. I still can"t believe he hasn"t busted it turn off the van yet! I"d be an ext concerned about your poor 4 banger dying before the hitch breaks. LR
I am going come uhaul this particular day to acquire priced I need a course 3 appropriate ? and What will the max hitch load max be I can have ?
What ever before you carry out DO perform NOT hear TO these people that tell friend you can tow an ext then what the manufacturer recommends, it"s stupid,un-safe and also your putting individuals lives at risk once you tow an ext then your truck is intend to handle, plus that is ILLEGAL and also if you have actually an accident towing 7,000 lbs and also the other party have the right to prove you were not intend to tow more then 5,000 you will certainly be screwed and held liable!!
there is no way you can tow what i"m capible the towing v a class 3 hitch and towing parcel (see sig) with just a 4 banger on her bumper. The bumper is just rated for favor 200-500 lbs. I"m guessing you review the details wrong.spend the extra coina and also get a hitch or find someone through a bigger towing capacity.
bumper is rated at 200 tongue and 2000 towing. Its not the bumper/ hitch he should be concerned about, its the insufficient braking and also acceleration
Yeah i guess I"m stating the obvious lol ns personally wouldn"t pull anything over fifty percent of Ford"s rating because that a considerable distance.
if you desire to tow 5,250lb trailer v your 2.5L ranger, go ahead. Yet when your tranny burns the end don"t come crying come us. then again, why have to i care around someone who has posted 11 times in 24 months?
bumper is rated in ~ 200 tongue and also 2000 towing. Its no the bumper/ hitch he have to be concerned about, its the inadequate braking and also acceleration
haha, yeah ns towed a stack of railroad ties on mine bumper, 4 high and 4 broad x15ft long( 16 every together)were I functioned we built the equipments that reduced the lumber for multiple companies, they were not cut to lenght therefore why they to be so long, to add they to be on a auto trailer i was only going around the shop and also hit a small pot entirety in the drive way trailer bounced ever so slighty and when I stopped my bumper was facing straight down. Therefore the brackets because that the bumpers room weak. Plus that"s why they do hitches (wihch i acquired now lol) sure the van towed that fine butthe bumper didn"t prefer it. Lol
I to be going come uhaul now to get priced I need a class 3 ideal ? and What will the max hitch load max it is in I deserve to have ?
try your local junkyards, craigslist, and .. Lot cheaper than uhaul probably. just dont gain a hitch the an explorer it no bolt up
ya and? i wanted to recognize a bit an ext about it?is it a problem? what would be the difficulty of talking in a old tread if it interest you? or for what mather is this your problem? has i wasnt talk to you. I though the an interpretation of this forum to be to talk around ranger and also chat....

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put in one 8.8 and also some helper springs or AALs and it will boost your towing volume greatly. The weak attach in that setup (what i have) is the tranny overheating, 2.5L lack of power, and also the absence of braking.

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