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Well I obtained the old heater core out today and I"ll placed the brand-new one in tomorrow. And also yes, together suspected by my symptoms the main point was the problem. The video i posted was specifically right for my 2002 expedition XLT through 4.6 liter engine. There"s a pair issues the I"d prefer to suggest out the would have made the job much easier if i would have actually known.1. Collection your temperature dial to about 9 o"clock or so v the an essential turned on. This will relocate the mix door and will make removal that the mix door assembly and also heater main point easier. 2. If you have electric seats top top the vehicle drivers side don"t disconnect the battery until after you eliminate the very first 2 bolts in the video, the bolts from the rear console. After ~ they"re removed move the drivers seat every the method back and also then you deserve to disconnect the battery. This will permit plenty of room to work-related inside and room for the steering shaft to come down. Also, I would certainly recommend remove both battery terminals instead of just the negative one. 2. The drivers side of the dash will not come out much at all with this method. The huge wiring bundle the comes with the firewall is an extremely tight and also won"t enable the chauffeurs side to move much in ~ all, but that"s ok, the doesnt have to. You have the right to lift it and also pull the back about a pair inches or so, that"s it. As soon as you acquire all the wiring top top the passenger next disconnected the passenger side of the dash will pull out enough to it is in able to accessibility everything you need to. It"s tight and also not an especially comfortable however you deserve to reach whatever you require to obtain the core swapped with just the foot or therefore of room you can obtain from pulling the passenger next forward. If you have to move the dash you yourself I"d lift up and pull the driver"s side forward what small bit you have the right to first, the lift up and pull the passengers side forward and also disconnect the wiring harnesses and also antennae/wiring press pin things and pull the dash forward part more. 3. The video doesn"t display all the screws that host the plenum/heater main point cover in place. Over there are approximately 12 i believe. There are 2 or 3 ~ above the really back that are difficult to find yet rest assured if you can"t relocate the totality cover up and seperate it from the bottom all the way around fairly easily then you"ve let go a screw or 2. You will require a long expansion for her ratchet to reach a couple of them. 4. The video doesn"t present removing the tiny vent tube on the peak ride next of the dash, above where the passenger air bag was. Over there is one screw the holds the in and it is basic to traction out. The is very difficult or difficult to remove the plenum covering otherwise. Also, make certain you have the vacuum line that runs across the optimal of the plenum cover relocated out of the way.5. Accessing the heater hoses native the engine compartment is a genuine bitch. I checked out walmart and got a brief one handed hacksaw because that 3 bucks and cut the 2 heater core pipes near the firewall ~ above the inside of the vehicle and pulled lock out with the engine compartment. This to be a lot less complicated than trying to disconnect the connectors native the engine compartment. You have the right to buy replacement quick connector ends in the accessories ar at the components store. Rather of splicing them right into my lines I will take the plastic clips and also o-rings out of the new ends and also use castle in the existing water tap ends many likely.6. Definitely inspect your blend door whereby it connects to the actuator while friend have whatever off. Mine was fine yet I"m walking to replace it anyway. The parts store down the street has actually a beefed up instead of door through a metal sleeve for 22 bucks. I highly recommend swapping them the end while you have actually the dash off. The mix door structure will not come up uneven you have the heater main point pulled up part already. The bottom that the frame is under the heater main point so don"t get rough and crack the framework trying to obtain it out like someone I know did
(HVAC steel tape repair)7. The heater core I bought only came with sufficient weatherstripping come wrap the bottom and sides. I figure having the stripping top top the top like the initial one ns pulled out is unnecessary but I"ll probably try to obtain some more at the parts store because that the top anyway. Various other than the the video clip covers pretty much everything. Yes, you deserve to remove the core without pulling the dash fully out. Also, I put bolts right into ziplock bags and numbered and labeled the bags by each action as ns went. No leftover screws this way.