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Hi all, is it just me or is the replacement time framework for the fuel filter not listed in the manual? I have actually 31K on my 08 T&C and am still on the factory fuel filter. I am surprised the dealer, that has done all the maintenance, has actually not mentioned the replacement.Thanks.
Um. I"ve had 3 third generation vans and one first generation van that all have actually gone means past 120,000 miles on the original fuel filter and also still went rolling along. I would certainly think if the fuel filter dies everywhere roughly wright here your van is at appropriate currently, somepoint is VERY wrong.
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Tbelow is a opportunity that the fuel filter is inside the tank through the fuel pump assembly. If so, its not taken into consideration a maintenance/serviceable item. They are intended to last the life of the auto.Many Chrysler assets are utilizing these types of fuel filters currently. My 2006 PT is the same way.
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Tbelow is a 100% possibility of this.The filter is integral to the pump, and also is not serviceable. You have the right to relocation it if you desire to, however that entails dropping the tank and also removing the fuel pump module. You might then change the filter.As others have actually proclaimed, it does not need regular cleaning nor replacement.

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Well, there"s a readjust. The first FI engine I had actually was a 3.0 "87. FSM sassist the change the filter eincredibly 30K. Later models with 3.3 mentioned 50K. I"ve constantly readjusted them at 30L bereason filters are cheap and also pumps are not just expensive however a PITA to adjust. I"ve acquired change time dvery own to around an hour on the "91-"95 models, but I execute have a lift in the shop.
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