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I haven"t discovered the noþeles that states where the fuel pump relay is and also I have actually NO IDEA where to find it since I"m pretty sure its no in the fuse crate under the hood. :dunno: ns need assist pleez


no... One is the key relay, one is fuel pump, one is hornthe two 4 prong ones are horn and fuel pump, the 5 prong one is... The main relay..
Nevermind, ns finally found it out, follow to the the middle. E30 3 SeriesM20 ENGINEThe fuel pump relay is placed on a clip on the left inner fender in prior of the shock tower. Over there is a group of 3 relays. The forward relay is the main DME relay. The middle relay is the fuel pump relay. The rear most relay is the oxygen sensor heater relay.(
What are the qualities of a bad fuel pump relay or various other relays. My auto is running lean at higher rpm"s and I have replaced almost everything besides these relays. Have the right to a lean problem be brought about by one or an ext relays?
fuel pressurehave you checked your fuel pressure and fuel push regulator/damper/fuel filter ect. This would certainly be much more suspect that the relay.

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