Introduced in 1995, the Honda Foreman 400 was one of the very first ATV"s to have the engine mounted Longitudinally. By mounting the engine this way, Honda to be able to remove some that the moving parts to construct among the many reliable ATV"s ever made. The brand-new design allowed the engine to be an installed lower in the chassis which lessened the all at once weight do the brand-new Foreman more stable and also powerful. Weighing approximately 50 lbs. Much less than it"s competitors, the Foreman was a popular an option for entertain riders, ranchers, farmers and also hunters.

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In 1998 Honda stepped up the strength on the Foreman by raising displacement come 450cc. The new an ext powerful Foreman was easily accessible with the typical transmission or the new (ESP) Electronic shift Program. The ES to be a revolutionary style at the time and also earned the 1998 Foreman 450 ES the desire ATV of the Year compensation from ATV Magazine. With the combination of the manual format transmission and the electric change capability the Foreman go not need to sacrifice reliability or role for convenience. The TRX 450 Foreman architecture was ahead of it"s time which permitted it to stay in production nearly unchanged until 2004.



Honda fully redesigned the Foreman in 2005 v a new Engine and Frame. A larger 500cc power-plant replaced the aging 450cc motor. The 2005 TRX500 Foreman was readily available in an affordable two wheel drive, manual shift version as well as the manual and electric shift four wheel journey versions. The four wheel journey models received the upgraded Traxloc former differential do steering much much easier while the 4WD was engaged. The brand-new Foreman 500 was likewise equipped with double oil-coolers, a heavy duty auto-clutch, and front dual disc brakes.

If you require a dependable, sporty, hard working ATV for job-related or play, the uncompromising Honda Foreman family members is all set for the challenge.


Q. What walk Foreman TE/TM, FE/FM, FPE/FPM mean?

A. It is the two letter password to designate 2 or four wheel drive, the transmission type, and whether or no your version is equipped v Honda"s digital Power Steering.

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TM = two Wheel Drive, hand-operated Shift

FM = 4 Wheel Drive, hand-operated Shift

FE = 4 Wheel Drive, electric Shift

S = manual Shift

ES = electrical Shift

FPM = 4 Wheel Drive, Manual shift with Power-steering

FPE = 4 Wheel Drive, Electric shift with Power-steering

Q. Where have the right to I discover the VIN number on mine Honda ATV?

A. Honda ATV"s usually have actually the VIN stamp situated on the prior left side of the framework near the A-Arm mounts.