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Hey guys, my everyday driver right currently is a "97 1500 sporting a 5.2l V8. Ns am contemplating the removal or gutting the the factory catalytic converter, for much more sound and also hopefully rise in MPG. How many human being have excellent it here? and in doing this how would ns fool the computer system into thinking it was still there? Or is the not even necassary?I appreciate any type of input! i was thinking it might be a quick saturday morning project before I degree in mine 12v"er cam and also clearance the rods and also caps!Thanks!
"96 2500 evade Lwb. Ext. Cab 4x4 v 12v and also 5sp.315 BFG"s, MB Motoring Wheels, 2" Lift, and large bumpers!Rebuilding the engine and adding twins because that 450-500rwhp
"96 2500 dodge Lwb. Ext. Cab 4x4 v 12v and also 5sp.315 BFG"s, MB Motoring Wheels, 2" Lift, and huge bumpers!Rebuilding the engine and adding twins for 450-500rwhp
good luck finding a O2 Simulator, the Feds shut down Casper electronics a pair of years back.the next ideal thing is those HELP! aisle spark plug non-foulers, screw one into the bung, jam part steel wool in the hole, and then screw in a 2nd non fouler right into the first (you will have to enlarge the hole to accomedate the pointer of the O2 sensor), and also then reinstall your O2 sensor.
\"99 lamb quadcab sports 4x4 318 auto gibson headers and double exhaust 5\" skyjacker seriesII double flex 3\" human body lift 37\"x12.50 Goodyear MT/Rs Transgo shift kit Mopar tranny pan MP roller rockers M1 Superchips programmer 1988 K5 blazer sunburst orange metallic v black and also zebra print inner 12\" lift, 465/205/d60/14ff 4.88\"s/40\"TSL\"s

just keep it installed and also correct. I noticed no change in mpg when i gutted mine (the insides to be broken and clogging that up and I essential to drive till the new one arrived). Then ns realized that the sound was no that cool and mpg began to drop together i was on the throttle more than normal trying to get it to rumble much more and be more annoying for other drivers.

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I drive v a pretty irradiate foot truthfully, I keep an median of 16-16.5mpg. I am simply wanting to acquire a little more out the it as result of how lot I drive unfortunately. If i don"t fool the computer system is the just side-effect walk to it is in a CEL? ceo what exhaust were you to run to notification a big difference in sound? I have actually a 3"x3" twin chamber flowmaster-ish muffler on it now, i wasn"t thinking it would make a huge sound distinction just some?
"96 2500 dodge Lwb. Ext. Cab 4x4 v 12v and also 5sp.315 BFG"s, MB Motoring Wheels, 2" Lift, and huge bumpers!Rebuilding the engine and including twins because that 450-500rwhp
I drive with a pretty light foot truthfully, I save an typical of 16-16.5mpg. Ns am simply wanting to gain a little more out of it because of how lot I drive unfortunately. If ns don"t silly the computer is the only side-effect walking to it is in a CEL? ceo what exhaust to be you running to notice a big difference in sound? I have a 3"x3" double chamber flowmaster-ish muffler on that now, i wasn"t reasoning it would certainly make a large sound difference just some?
it will certainly not provide you any much more power uneven yours is clogged, typically all you get is noise and mpg in addition to power usually suffer for it, it additionally is illegal and potentially can gain a huge fine for it, the commonwealth fine is like $10,000 for it, and $25,000 if a business gets captured doing it, better off just having actually one top top there because that the environment sake and also keep down the people who are trying to avoid our sport.totally different deal if it was off roadway use only and the entirety motor package to be designed because that the cost-free flowing exhaust
Magnaflow has high flow cats. The should give you what you are trying to find (at least noise wise) while maintaining it legal. Also, when I had negative o2 sensors ~ above a neon i had, it would misfire all the time while driving, specifically under acceleration or increase hills. This might happen to your truck if the o2 sensors are reading wrong.

I likewise gutted mine a few years ago, it was cool for a small bit, yet I am much more happy with the Magnaflow high flow cat I have actually on there now. The sounds far better (and actually isn"t really any type of quieter than the gutted cat) and I don"t have actually anymore the those funny smells comes from the tailpipe anymore...Plus, that looks cool together cool can be once it heats up the first couple of times and also turns all blue and also purple and whatnot :bigthumb:In to compare the two systems, it is evident why the Magnaflow operation better, the bends in the y-pipe room smoother, and also the pipe diameter is larger, and also does no neck under at the bends.Good luck to ya
EDIT: The various other thing, is that make sure you don"t bespeak the California edition if you order one. Ns assume friend don"t live in Cali due to the fact that you are considering doing this, but the Cali cat are about twice as expensive!
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